Who is Fit-X Fitness? 

We are your San Diego, Orange County & Los Angeles Premiere Group Fitness provider serving

Corporations, Residential Communities, Resorts & Private Clubs since 1995.

You will enjoy our Professional, Safe, Progressive & Quality Fitness Wellness Programs. 

Our Innovation, Creativity & Caring are just a few of the key ingredients included in our services

that make up our fitness formula for Fun & Wellness! 

Quality of life will increase as your employees & residents gain experience thru our 

Group Fitness Classes.  We get people Moving and keep them Moving!!!

Group Fitness Programming : 
Effective Group Exercise Programs Tailored & Designed through Group Training
to help Focus & Individualize ona Consistant & Effective Personal Level.           
Corporate Wellness Programs | Designed For Your Business : 
Invest in your Employees with Proven Results while Supporting a Variety of 
Consistant & Effective Personal Level thru Group sizes, Goals & Challenges.                   

Your One-Stop Fitness Solution!

Serving San Diego, Orange County & Los Angeles 

 Yoga * Strength, Circuit & Tabata Training * HIIT

Bootcamp * Spin * Zumba * Pilates * Barre * Aqua Fitness * Balance & Flexibility 

Butts & Gutts * Core Training * MELT * Gym Orientation



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