Who is Fit-X Fitness? 

We are your San Diego, Orange County & Los Angeles Premiere Group Fitness provider serving Corporations, Residential Communities, Resorts & Private Clubs since 1995. You will enjoy our professional, safe, progressive & quality fitness programs.  Innovation, creativity & caring are just a few of the key ingredients included in our services that make up our fitness formula for fun & wellness! Experience increased quality of life for your employees, residents or groups with us. We offer complete programming with online and app based scheduling that tracks participation. We get people moving and keep them moving! 


Serving San Diego, Orange County & Los Angeles 

 Yoga * Strength, Circuit & Tabata Training * HIIT

Bootcamp * Spin * Zumba * Pilates * Barre * Aqua Fitness * Balance & Flexibility 

Butts & Gutts * Core Training * MELT * Gym Orientations


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