7 ways to work out in the rain

1. Workout in the rain. You can either let the drizzle discourage you or you can get out there and enjoy it. The bottom line is you’ll be sweating anyway, so a little rain will be refreshing.

If you need another incentive to get out there, several studies have concluded that those exercising in the rain use more energy and burn more calories, especially when the temperature drops. Come July, you’ll wish you could cool down in the rain, so enjoy the shower and the extra calorie burn.

2. Get some new gear. Rain compromises vision, for both you and drivers. To improve your sight in the rain, a baseball hat will protect your eyes, or you could opt for sunglasses. In order to help drivers spot you, bright colored gear is the best choice and if the weather is particularly nasty, a headlamp might be a good option. Rain jackets are only a good idea if they’re made of breathable material, otherwise you’ll be cooking in no time.

3. Hit the trails. Hiking or trail running on a rainy day will almost guarantee you have the trail to yourself. When taking routes in the woods, the trees will catch much of the rainfall and you won’t have to worry about cars. But rain will make the ground slick—keep that in mind while you’re playing in the mud.

4. Go for a swim. While it might not be warm enough to track down a secret swimming hole just yet, working out in an indoor pool will prep you for summer while providing a whole body burn. The fusion of cardio and the muscle-building resistance of water is great preparation for swimsuit season. As a bonus, you won’t need to waste time drying your hair if it’s raining outside.

5. Utilize sunrooms and decks. If you’re dying to get outside but can’t stand the rain, enjoy the fresh spring air from the comfort of a sunroom or under the roof of a deck. Bodyweight circuits are quick and effective ways to build strength and burn fat and most exercises can be done with limited space.

6. Schedule workouts around the weather. If you’re steadfastly against working out in the rain, you can always plan your workouts ahead of time by checking out the forecast. This plan will require some flexibility and organization, but it’s a small price to pay when you fit your run into the few sunny hours on Saturday and everyone else gives up on going outside.

7. Make a summer playlist. Nothing can improve the mood of a workout like music selection; pick a few of your favorite summer beats to get your mind off the cloudy weather. 80's and Jimmy Buffet are a few of our unconventional favorites. What are some of yours?


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