Fit-X Fitness was founded in 1995 by my husband, Scott Bell and I, Deno Bell. We began the company as a personal training service.  
Our mission was, as it is now, to get people moving and keep them moving by making fitness fun and available.
As our client base grew during those first years, we realized that we could expand our reach and our mission to get even more people moving if we grew the team and expanded service.
At a time when corporate wellness was in it's infancy and residential fitness was all but unheard of, we began offering and growing services in to those new arenas....making fitness accessible and affordable where people live, work and play.  Over 20 years later Fit-X Fitness is serving corporations, residential communities, resorts and clubs in 3 Southern California Counties and putting 100's of certified fitness professionals to work ....moving more people than ever before toward fitness and wellness.

bell_binoculars.jpgScott and I are now in Alaska taking on new adventures and exploring the awesome fresh air fitness opportunities there.

Our elite and passionate team of pros are still working to keep employees, neighbors and visitors fit and moving in SoCal. 
It is our pleasure to introduce you to the very committed and special individuals who keep Fit-X Fitness humming, growing and serving.



cehnayle_2.jpgChenayle Gatewood; General Manager
I received my promotion to General Manager this year, which happens to be my 8th year with Fit-X Fitness. I started in 2008 as a part-time Administrative Assistant with the intention of just filling in for my sister when she was on maternity leave. When she decided not to return, I began full time and slowly started taking on more responsibilities. A few years later I was promoted to Office Manager. I have had two children while working here, and actually was working the same day I had my first child! I've really seen our company grow and have enjoyed taking on all the new changes. I still do a little bit of everything because I love being hands on and keeping a close relationship with my fit family. I hope to live out our mission, while constantly offering the latest and greatest in the fitness industry.


IMG_9614.jpgHeidi Verner; Chief Talent Officer and Regional Service Coordinator (Greater San Diego County)
I've been with Fit X since 2003. It's is my passion to share fitness with others. I'm currently the Regional Coordinator, a Personal Trainer and a Group Fitness Instructor.
Group Fitness has always been my passion, I teach a variety of formats; Turbo Kick, Max Burn, HIIT/Tabata Training, Piyo, Yoga and Pilates. Being able to hire and train instructors brings me so much joy. 
The Fitness industry is amazing and I'm so happy to be doing what I love.


Rachel_Pic_zoomed.jpgRachel Dickerson;  Regional Service Coordinator (Orange County and Los Angeles)
I work to find the best fitness instructors to keep Southern California moving.  We strive to provide the best fitness classes where you Live, Work and Play!
I've been working in fitness management since 2003, and with Fit-X Fitness since 2013. I am the mom of two great boys!  They LOVE basketball and have been playing since they were in 1st and 2nd grade.  We spend our weekends at basketball practices, basketball tournaments and during the week they are working on their cardio and weight lifting so that they can perform their best.  All this hard work has paid off for my oldest son, Mason!  He will be heading to college to play basketball at Cal Poly Pomona in September of 2016.  Can't wait to see where my youngest, Miles, ends up! My husband, Rodney, is a Police Officer at Cal State Long Beach and has been an amazing role model of fitness for our kids as a 3 sport college athlete back in the day that can still challenge them playing one on one and still plays basketball himself.
Melissa Guffy, Administrative Assistant 
I've had a broad background from working in the hospitality industry at resorts, salons, spas, recreational facilities, and retail management. My fitness certifications include yoga, physical training, coaching and nutrition.  I'm excited to be taking a behind the scenes approach to help end the trend of obesity. Being a huge fitness and healthy lifestyle advocate, I enjoy mentoring other aspiring wellness gurus looking to evolve their passions into a gratifying career. 


We invite you to enjoy the ease of providing fitness and wellness programming as you collaborate with our qualified and experienced team. You won’t have to manage the daily challenges of onsite operations. We will do all that for you.  Whether your company is interested in designing a fitness facility, purchasing new equipment, implementing a wellness program, providing onsite group fitness classes, or offering certified personal trainers, Fit-X Fitness is ready to help you.

San Diego County Region: Central, North County Inland, North County Coastal and East County.

Orange County/Los Angeles Region: South Orange County, Central Orange County and North Orange County/Los Angeles.

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