Making a Case for Fitness

Our founders mother had knee surgery last week.  She was her mothers caregiver during her recovery.  She is doing great and better than expected.  “Why?” Because of her fitness level going into surgery. First, we want to thank Renee Meyst, her trainer and our very own North County Regional Coordinator aka Fit-X Fitness Water Fitness Guru for the work she has done with our founder's mother.  She came out of anesthesia very quickly and very alert. The raves regarding her fitness began in the recovery room and continued in the recovery ward. She was sent home after just 2 nights.  Both physical therapists who have made home visits are amazed at her ROM and mobility.  Our founder's mother was and always will be an active person, but she like all of us, needed the right guidance and recipe for fitness.  So thank you Renee and thank you to all of you for getting SoCal moving.  You make life better!

If you have a story that “Makes a Case for Fitness” please share it with us at and we will publish it.

Stayed tuned next week to hear our Office Manager, Chenayle Gatewood's Case for Fitness 

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