Case for Fitness: Deanna Gwilt

DeannaObrien.jpgMy fitness story has been my life. Since I was little (like about 4 or 5) my mother put me into dance classes. I took Tap, Jazz, and Ballet growing up. I was also in all of the bike-a-thons and I worked with my father doing firework shows all over southern Nevada. In college I was at the gym for hours a day and enrolled in dance classes. Sounds tiring, but it was for me.
Exercise was the only remedy to tame me...literally. Having ADHD was not easy growing up and the only way to get rid of the excess energy was exercise. I didn't even know I had it (officially) until I was through my BA program. I haven't really gone viral with this because there is a stigma associated with being ADD/ADHD: not focused, no follow-through, disorganized, going a mile a minute...the list goes on. What people don't talk about is that when we find something we enjoy doing we are able to focus on it more. Fitness has helped me through everything. It is my way of living because it is the only medicine for me...for everything. 
Now I am a Manager of Anatomy and you know's pretty cool.