Case for Fitness: Linda Collins

Linda_Colins.JPGI started practicing yoga in 1975.  I found Lillias Folan (Lillias Yoga and You) on KPBS and at the age of 15 I would religiously watch and practice everyday.  Although I did not understand it, it had a profound affect on me as I had a rocky childhood.  As years went by I drafted from yoga but always was athletic.  I did every new craze that came around, from dance, step, rebounding, slide, kick boxing, and body building.  In 2000 I was in an auto accident where a 16 year old in 3/4 ton pick-up was catching air on the speed bumps near my home.  That day as I approached home he lost control and t-boned me at 60 miles an hour in a 20 mile and hour zone.  He pinned me in my car and my elbow was shattered, pelvis broke in three places and messed up my knee.  I took a year to recover and I decided to go back to yoga as it was strong but gentle, and have been practicing ever since.  My elbow was unable to straighten and the orthopedic doc said he was sorry but that was how it would be.  Well with determination and yoga that changed. Today you cannot tell I shattered that arm, other than the scar left behind.  Moving forward my decision to teach came about after the loss of my husband/soul mate to cancer.  He had a business that I struggled to run for 5 years after his passing.  I finally realized I was trying to live and run what he was passionate about but it only caused me stress and sorrow.  So with regret I sold that business and then floundered as to what to do with my life.  It came to me that what helped me thru his illness and my injuries was yoga.  Not only the physical side of yoga but the deeper meaning of yoga.  That philosophy changed my life and how I view myself and those in the world around me.  Yoga teaches us that we are all one and that how we treat ourselves and others with compassion and non-attachment is really a liberating experience.  I knew that this was what I wanted to do.  To share my love and passion of yoga with others so that maybe in some way they can find the peace that I have found.

-Linda Collins, Fit-X Fitness Certified Group Fitness Instructor

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