Fit-X Branded Programs

We are currently offering several Fit-X Fitness Branded Programs that can be taught to your fitness team. Please check back often as we are always adding more. Have a special request, just let us know!


YogaMAX is a fusion of Hatha Yoga Asanas and traditional strength training exercises using light hand weights, body bars, static weighted bars, and/or elastic bands. This class is for those that are looking for a more aggressive and challenging yoga practice that will encourage muscular strength, endurance and core stability. We have extended it to include the following varieties:

YogaMax Xtreme: Kick it up an extra notch for your advanced exercisers.
YogaMax w/TRX: Add resistance training to deepen the stretch.
YogaMax + Spin: Add some cardio into your Yoga practice.

Our YogaMAX Master Trainer

Jennifer Tipton, our very own Fit-X Fitness Continuing Education Proivder developed the concept for this power packed Yoga program (YogaMAX) and has now expanded it to merge with different work out formats. Jennifer Tipton has been leading group fitness and movement classes for over 14 years. She is a YogaFit Master Trainer, ACE certified personal trainer, holds a Masters of Science in Exercise Science and Sports Psychology, is a TRX Suspension Personal Trainer and a Master Level Personal Trainer with Fit-X San Diego. Jennifer is a RYT 500Yoga instructor. Jennifer has completed three 200 hour trainings; with YogaFit, WhiteLotus Foundation and the Samudra Schools(Shiva Rea). She teaches a variety of fitness and yoga formats throughout San Diego and specializes in core and balance training.


MaxBURN: High calorie burning exercises performed in high intensity circuits.
MaxBURN Xtreme: Kick it up an extra notch for your advanced exercisers.
Triad-Circuit, Kick, Sport & Strength: A balance of cardio, resistance training and functional flexibility added into each specific spin-off.

Our MaxBURN Master Trainer

Lisa Garrity is focused on educating and mentoring current and aspiring fitness professionals. She is an IDEA Master Level Personal Trainer, has over 30 years of experience, has been a continuing education provider for ACE and AEA for over 15 years.She holds a BA in Physical Education and an MA in Education.Her certifications include: ACE Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant; AEA;NSCA; Reebok and Schwinn Indoor Cycling; BOSU Master Trainer; YogaFit and Mat Pilates. Lisa is also our very own Fit-X Fitness Continuing Education Provider and developer of our Fit-X MaxBurn workout.

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