Fit-X Fitness News Feb 8th

Office Hours

Office hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm. The office will be Closed Monday, Feb 20th for President's Day. 

Please welcome Kimberly O’Donnell to the Fit-X Fitness office crew!  She will be working on Mondays and Wednesdays. 


Self-fulfilling Motivation 

Deno Bell, our founder sent us a great video to watch and review Here are some key notes we wanted to share with you that we took away:

  • What we do is not just about us or our company, it is about wanting everyone to be healthy. That is why Fit-X Fitness has many collaborations with other wellness businesses. We trust others for their specializations, but connect with them over a common ground of wanting to provide better lifestyles for the community. 
  • You guys are the givers! Your participants show up to see you and take away all that you have to provide. It is a self-less gift you are providing for the betterment of others and we hope you feel fulfilled knowing that. 
  • What else can we do besides offer fitness? Connect! Especially while they are in a very limited time of being disconnected from their jobs, lives and media. Talk to a new person, or a person you havent talked to in awhile. Thank them for coming to class and share what it means to you to share that with them. 
  • We hope you take a moment to watch the full message and take from it what means the most to you. Feel free to share your reactions with us. 


Mindbody Tips and Reminders

  • Beginning January 1, 2017 we will no longer enter any participation numbers for you. You will need to find the time to invoice your services by the deadline to be compensated.

  • Gentle reminder that if you made less than $600 in 2016, you will not be receiving a Fit-X 1099 form.  If you have any questions please ask your tax professional.



  • If in need of certifications be sure to check out

  • Need certs? Contact to take advantage of some awesome deals!

  • Be sure to include the following info when you contact her:

    • First/last name

    • Email address

    • Contact number and best time to call

    • what you would like to register for


Fit-X Tips

  • How to Contact Us:

    • Emergency Phone: 619-863-3489 This does not receive texts but is your go to for all communication when we our office is closed. No one will be checking emails or reviewing the sub text line unless a last minute need arises prompted by a call to this number. Please only use this number to call us for any need.


Income Opportunities and Reminders

  • The 3rd is the deadline for GF entries and corrections, and the 18th for Personal Trainers each month. January compensat, which may vary due to holidays or weekends, so check the compensation schedule. The next compensation check is scheduled to go out February 10th. See full 2017 pay dates here.

  • The subbing continues! Please be sure to review our sub tracker to be sure of the exact day, time and location that you are covering a class for us. If you are the reg instructor, please reach out to your sub to be sure they don’t have any questions and are set to go. Our office is doing regular reminders, but a little extra can’t hurt.

  • Social Media: Want some extra con-ed cash? Send us over some pics of your classes moving around.



  • Our Fit-X Instructor Rochelle Breedon has accepted the challenge of participating in the Reach for the Cure Run & Ride benefiting Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.  Please support and check out her story here - Click here to visit my personal page.

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