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Understand the role nutrition plays in helping all athletes perform at their best.

Learn how to fuel your clients and take them to the next level.

Check out this complimentary webinar, including 1 FREE continuing education credit, to obtain an overview of sports nutrition and learn how to help fuel your clients.

When: Wednesday, March 8th from 11am–12pm CST  Please pre-register thru link -


Office Hours

Office hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm

Reminder: March 12th Daylight Savings

Wednesday, March 22nd Office is Closed for Inventory


We are looking to do another continuing education event soon and wanted your feedback on which formats you are interested in, if you have a connection to a certifying person, or if you yourself are a continuing education provider. Please email our corporate office at with any tips.

Fit-X Tips:

  • Unfortunately the emails you get from our system that come with a border cannot be directly replied to. We tried several tech fixes but our website and host will just not coordinate. If you see a sub email and want to respond, please simply forward your response to

  • On that note, spring break is around the corner, so plan any sub needs as soon as possible.

Mindbody Tips and Reminders:

Every single check round we get at least three people who have "missing amounts" It takes more time for them to get paid that and time for us to do research, but it can all be avoided!  

All you need to do is run a report prior to the 3rd of each month for the previous month to be sure all the dates you taught show up at the correct rate. Please check it out, it’s a very simple 3 step 3 min process that can really save us all a lot of time.

  1. On go to the Reports tab

  2. Click on the “Staff” link

  3. Schedule at a Glance. Filter as you desire paying most attention to date range for accuracy


  • Check out what NEW Fit-X Fitness Trainer Damien Joyner has in store for SRSRC!  His top notch planning and marketing skills are out of this world and he’s developed a new program called ‘Super Hero Saturdays!’  This is an Obstacle Course Race Training program and is open to all levels and all ages! 

  • Former Fit-X office employee Erica Brinsfield recently came to visit us at the office.  She’s been spending time on her blog and did an awesome write up of our lovely Heidi Verner.  Read her inspiring story here -

Income Opportunities and Reminders:

  • The 3rd is always deadline for GF entries for the month. Personal Training compensation is mailed out today. Group Fitness is scheduled for March 10th. See full 2017 pay dates here.

  • The subbing continues! Please be sure to review our sub tracker to be sure of the exact day, time and location that you are covering a class for us. If you are the reg instructor, please reach out to your sub to be sure they don’t have any questions and are set to go. Our office is doing regular reminders, but a little extra can’t hurt.



  • Kellie Jacquez
  • Deanna Gwilt
  • Deena Markind
  • Pilar Saenz
  • Sandy Dimayuga
  • Carly Taberski
  • Julie Murray 
  • Matthew Ritter

What better way to celebrate another trip around the sun?! Run off to Vegas! Deanna will be participating in the Color Race Run this weekend for her birthday while there.  Be sure to send her a happy birthday and good luck this weekend!    

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