Be a Fool for Fitness-The Theme of April!

April is just around the corner and so is April Fools Day so don’t fall for these fitness Myths! Click here to learn more!

1099 Reminder: If you did not make over $600 in 2015 you did not receive a 1099 with us, since that is the amount needed to claim income. Please seek a tax professional's opinion on how to file if you are uncertain.


Subbing Sheet is Always Changing

Fitness instructors, do you want more subbing opportunities? Check the live sheet daily for updates, opportunities, and changes


Group Fitness Instructor Appreciation

Group fitness instructors your job is harder than it looks with constantly monitoring safety, coming up with a killer workouts for small or large groups, keeping up with the current fitness trends, making your choreography relatable to every fitness level and age, and all while keeping on the beat of the Ellie Goulding song in the background and we thank you!

Click Here to read 10 reasons why we love you and why you should love yourself!


National Walking Day

National Walking day is April 2nd. Did you know that walking can actually reduce stress hormones, help weight loss, and ease back pain? It’s true and you can read all the benefits here.

 Where is Fit-X:

  • Prepping to start classes at Cushman and Wakefield, our new location near La Jolla Commons!

  • Meeting with Westpark about adding more classes

  • Erica will be out April 19th-26th, so please be patient with Cheanyle, Heidi, and Rachel they are doing a few different jobs with her gone.


  • To Sarah S. who took a last minute emergency sub call at 10pm for a 10am morning class. You rock!

  • To Jeannie King for receiving this comment, "WOW!!! My team & I had a FABULOUS time this morning.  Jeannie was AMAZING!!!"  Great job Jeannie!! 
  • Theresa Sena for receiving this comment on our website, "I've been taking Pilates class with Theresa for 5 years. She is an amazing fitness instructor. We do mat and bar exercises. Her instructions and demonstrations are easy to follow. I have knee and low back problems and she always ask me how I feel and giving me some moderation. She also provides Nutritional support. I recommend her to all my friends!". 

Welcome to the Team!

We are very excited to welcome Karolina and Adrielle from the Orange County area and Sarah F., and Emily H. to the SD Team!

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