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FIT-Xcellent News Issue Date: Wed. October 8th

Office Notes:

Office will be closed Monday, October 13th for Columbus Day. Krista will be out on vacation October 9-14 and Chenayle will be covering needed items for her.
Normal Hours of Operation:  M-F 8am- 3pm


  • Renee Meyst is the new LC for Emerald Glen. 
  • Chenayle Gatewood is the new LC for Coral Bay/Canyon Ridge
  • You will be receiving sign-in sheets with your service reimbursement checks. Look for emails w more info.
  • Earn Con-ed Cash by taking pics/videos of your Fit-X classes! $5 for a min of 5 pics or one 2-3 min video


  • Congratulations to Lori Battisti for being nominated for Water Instructor of the Year for San Diego Count
  • Congratulations to  Shazia she had 11 people at the Yoga Saturday at Pacific Vi
  • Thank you to Laura Holmes at Coral Bay for working thru Yoga class with football game on in the background and making the most of the situation. See pics on our Facebook page.

Welcome to the Team:

Gina Welsh
Formats: Boot Camp, Strength Training, HIIT, Core
Areas: Central and can sub class in Mission Valley if needed

Joe Haugh
Formats: Boot Camp, Strength Training, Kickboxing, Core
Areas: Mission Valley, East County, Central


Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good:

  • Rene MacVay is a moderator at her school for the Rotary Interact Club. They collect USED ATHLETIC shoes(any brand/size) all year for the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe drive (Nike grinds and makes into playgrounds). If any FitX associates  would like to donate at any time,You can drop off at the  Fit-X office and Krista will work with Rene for donation pick ups. The more active we are, the more we go through shoes...our trash can be someone's treasure.  Information about the program
  • Jennifer Tipton made a Personal Training Service Scholarship Nomination. So our last quarter 2014 Scholarship has been awarded.  Jennifer thank you for thinking of others.

Income Opportunities:

Where is Fit-X this week:

  • Networking with the NAWBO,  North County and East County Business Chambers

Fit-X Review:

  • Rachel Dickerson made all kinds of new friends in on the Orange County road trip last week. We’re getting more of Irvine moving!
  • Woohoo Renee - looks like she is busting Temecula open January 2015.  Great road trip last week.
  • Crest Beverage got started last week.  Nancy worked worked them out and they are ready for more.  
  • Please be sure you are using the most recent pay forms, which can be found at

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