Fit-Xcellent News April 8th

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National Walking Day: Deno, Heidi, Ashley and Krista took a 30 min mid-day walk. Don't wait for a holiday to get your feet moving though, stay active! 


Where is Fit-X this week:

 Networking with The East Village Association

  • Networking with the San Diego North Business Chamber
  • On deck at the Opening Day Block Party in East Village
  • Kicking off “In-Pool Paddle Board Yoga” at The Village
  • Going collegiate in the OC at the Irvine College Career Fair



Fundraising Report for Red Cross!red_cross_bucket_babes.jpg

  • $337.25 and growing
  • Heidi Verner, Krista Ladner, Ashley Pena, Korey Seeba, Adrielle Edwards, Sarah Starling all stopped by for lunch. 

Red Cross Prize winners:

  • Sarah Starling won the Red Cross Hand Crank AM/FM radio
  • Heidi Verner won the Red Cross Fleece blanket


Welcome to the Teamnew_team.JPG

SD: Danica, Victor and Amanda (pictured right) Ask your LC for contact info if you need a sub.



E-mailed received by Rachel Dickerson OC/LA Region"

“Hello Rachel, That is why your company is the best!! Glad to hear the residents enjoyed it….

Breana Davis, Loyal Program Manager
Irvine Company Apartment Communities



Thank You Linda Collins for subbing at La Mesa at last minute! You’re awesome.

Cathy Keller stepped up and saved the day at Surf & Sand...She swapped classes with Jenna Bernachi since Jenna had her kids we sent Jenna to San Sebastián instead. Great team work!!


Fit-X April Anniversaries

  •  Karyn Beebe      4/2013
  • yoshi Mayeaux   4/2008
  • Diana Strzok      4/2014


Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good

  • San Diego Walk for the Animals; Paws in the Park Saturday May 9th. If you are a Fit-Xer who loves animals, please join us.
  • Pedal to the Park May 17th. Pedal to the Park (PTP) is an urban experience, demonstrating bicycle as a fun, healthy, green and family-friendly way to go to a Padres ballgame, during National Bike Month. 


Income Opportunities

We currently need instructors for the following:

  • Saturday AM Yoga and Boot Camp
  • Water Fitness all areas, AM/PM and weekends.
  • Zumba; North County plus all areas .
  • Spin, Boot Camp and Cardio Kickbox
  • Yoga subs for North County Coastal and Inland.
  • Any friends to refer?


They can apply online and you qualify for a referral bonus.








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