Fit-Xcellent News April 15

Fit-X Review

In-Pool Paddle Yoga at The Village of Mission Valley went swimmingly. For all pictures, check out our Facebook page.

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Cubic Transportation is Celebrating 15 Years of Fitness with a Kick-Off Walk 

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Income Opportunities

We currently need instructors for the following:

  • Saturday AM Yoga and Boot Camp
  • Water Fitness all areas, AM/PM and weekends.
  • Swim Instructors for Children on weekend mornings
  • Zumba; North County plus all areas .
  • Spin, Boot Camp, HIIT and Cardio Kickbox
  • Yoga subs for North County Coastal and Inland.
  • Any friends to refer?

They can apply online and you qualify for a referral bonus.


Where is Fit-X this week:WP_20150414_001.jpg

  • Celebrating 15 Years of Fitness at Cubic Transportation 
  • Surf N Sand Yoga Photo shoot
  • Going collegiate in the OC at the Irvine College Career Fair(pictured right)
  • WP_20150414_003.jpgLearning with WELCOA
  • Kicking off “In-Pool Paddle Board Yoga” at Monte Vista and Del Rio 



Fundraising Report for Red Cross: We raised 337.25 total, thanks again for the support team. 



From the Cubic T 15 years of Fitness Kick Off Walk:WP_20150413_004.jpg

"Judy Stern did an excellent job leading the group!  Received some positive feedback from attendees. Thanks again for all your support!" - Carol



Eric White for preventing an NCC last week! Way to go Eric!!!! He also got his spin class to represent Fit- "X" 

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Fit-X April Anniversaries

  • Karyn Beebe      4/2013
  • Yoshi Mayeaux   4/2008
  • Diana Strzok      4/2014


Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good

  • San Diego Walk for the Animals; Paws in the Park Saturday May 9th. If you are a Fit-Xer who loves animals, please join us.
  • Pedal to the Park May 17th. Pedal to the Park (PTP) is an urban experience, demonstrating bicycle as a fun, healthy, green and family-friendly way to go to a Padres ballgame, during National Bike Month.



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