Fit-Xcellent News Feb 19th

Cold/Flu Season Sub Reminders:

We know sometimes an illness can come on faster than you anticipate or you are a hard working person so think you can push through, but…...providing less than 24 hours notice on any class causes a lot of pressure for our office.

We are working on structuring some new guidelines for subbing coverage to include these types of situations.

In the meantime, please secure a back-up if you are even thinking you may become ill. You can always call them off before class start (6 hours before or more preferred) as long as you let them know that is a possibility when confirming.

Please review our email link for the subbing opportunities available.


1099 Reminder: If you did not make $600 or more during 2015 you will not receive a 1099 form.


This newsletter will begin being sent out every 2 weeks due to survey feedback. Thank you for taking time to provide your important feedback to us. We may have times we need to increase the frequency, but only to benefit you. Subbing communication will continue to be as frequent as needed. Thank you for being so motivated.


Feature Change: The MindBody texting feature will be transitioning out in Feb and starting in March will only be for extreme tech issues that may affect compensation deadlines or management's need for timely information. Otherwise, we will require that you find time to input their information either on phone or computer by the compensation deadlines. If you have an exception that you feel needs to be considered, please contact to review.


Personal Trainer Potluck: February 22 at 1:00pm at Corporate Office

  • There are a few allergies: Gluten,, Blueberries, Avocados - Bringing items w these things is fine but please label your dish.

  • Reviewing cost of a client vs value of a client and sharing ideas for growth.  


Where is Fit-X:

  • Join the Fitness Challenge for the Women's Chamber in North County that will focus on fitness, nutrition, wellness, and confidence. The challenge is an online, 30 day wellness challenge that will end with a 5K to support of charity of the Chamber's choice. This is the challlenge blog:
    This is women's week:
  • Opening week at Petco Corportation with classes filling up fast and happy participants! 
  • Securing instructors for our latest new location West Park. 
  • Reaching out to 3 new locations to start service. 


MindBody Weekly Review:

Group Fitness: Participants can’t find us by searching

We listed our corporate office as the location for all sites. On the App hit the “My Location” and have them change it to 92123 and that will bring up all options. If they are on a laptop then they are probably not following directions and searching for name of their site and not by category.


Personal Training: My clients hated the new billing system!!

Don't worry so did I!! I am working with tech for a better solution and happily typed out all info to clients that had some confusion. If anyone has approached you personally and you need some support please let me know.



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