Fit-Xcellent News Feb 11

February is Heart Health Month: Here are some great reasources

  • What makes your heart healthy? Is it a recipe? Exercise? Family? Friends? Screenings? Fun Activities? Adventure? Take a picture of what you fills your heart with joy and tag us  @fit_xfitness #hearthealthy  

We are now on Instagram: @fit_xfitness FOLLOW US!

  • Send us a good quality photo of your class in action to add to our account and we will award you $5 con-ed cash (limit $15 per person)


1099 Reminder: If you did not make $600 or more during 2015 you will not receive a 1099 form.


Feature Change: The MindBody texting feature will be transitioning out in Feb and starting in March will only be for extreme tech issues that may affect compensation deadlines or management's need for timely information. Otherwise, we will require that you find time to input your information either on phone or computer by the compensation deadlines. (Reminder there is no 90 min window restriction) If you have an exception that you feel needs to be considered, please contact to review.


Personal Trainer Potluck: February 22 at 1:00pm at Corporate Office

  • There are a few allergies: Gluten,, Blueberries, Avocados - Bringing items w these things is fine but please label your dish.

  • We will be providing tech skype in for anyone that can't physically be there but wants to attend.  


Where is Fit-X:

Join the Fitness Challenge for the Women's Chamber in North County that will focus on fitness, nutrition, wellness, and confidence. The challenge is an online, 30 day wellness challenge that will end with a 5K to support of charity of the Chamber's choice.

This is the challlenge blog:

This is women's week:

 Next Week: We launch classes at Petco corp with Deanna, Margi and Sara Andres as our flagship team. 


Deanna attended the Go Red event at La Jolla Commons and had a very busy day of providing body fat testings and informing them of the classes available.


MindBody Top Questions this Week:

Both GF and PT: How do I now redeem my referral bonus?

Please email us in your request to redeem the referral bonus w name of person you referred. We will then confirm that this can be redeemed and allocate the amount due to tyou thru Mindbody.


Group Fitness: What if I have a No Show? --NEW Update to last week

Please enter a client named “Attendance, Member0” or Agent Zero if you are feeling humorous :)


Personal Training: Are New Client Add Sheets Still required?

No, but you need to be sure they sign the liability waiver and that you have their address and email inputted. New clients should also have billing information on file or have pre-purchased session packages. 

I can’t see the PT packages as an option or can’t add the Late Cancel fee, why is that?

When you set up your avialability you need to be sure to select all the services for that availability which will typically include:

  • PT | “location”
  • Personal Training Packages
  • Missed Sessions
  • Consultations

Survey is still running until Friday. Feb 12th:

We want to know how you prefer to be contacted and about what information. We will make changes based off of this feedback, so please take a moment to answer these 4 fast questions.



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