Fit-Xcellent News January 7th

Red Cross FLOOD TIPS here:

**Have you downloaded the free Red Cross Emergency App yet? It includes real-time alerts and warnings for storms, flash flooding, power outages and more based on your location, plus steps on what to do next. Put preparedness in the palm of your hand!‎PrepareSD

Please continue to watch your area updates for weather concerns. Contact your Location coordinator or our Emergency Line after hours to update us if you are unable to travel to your location. Everyone stay safe out there.


Personal Trainer Meeting:Friday January 22 at 12:00 at the Corporate Office

  • Heidi will be discussing Ways To Promote Business and Goal Setting for 2016.
  • You will also have the opportunity to discuss any questions regarding MindBody and we can practice with a test client.


MindBody University has been recently updated.
We continue to add steps, common problems with fixes and more as we and others learn. If you have a tip you would love to add, please let us know.

Top Question this Week: Why don’t my participants know about MindBody?

We have sent property mgmt all of the information, added it to the location’s printed flyers and also emailed out to the participants who’s emails we received off of your sign-in sheets.

Now, we know that still means some people have not been paying attention, so that means it is up to you to help bridge those gaps and inform your participants of this new platform. The more people you can get booking themselves in, the less work there is for you.

If anyone would like personalized one on one MindBody training, Chenayle is happy to do a phone, skype, facetime or other type of meeting to walk you thru it step by step. Please email her to set up a time.


Fit-X Subbing Service:

  • Please note this new platform is here to help you! You no longer are required to secure your own sub.
  • Please refer to Team Tools to review the process of how you need to request a sub.
  • If you have already secured a sub please be sure the office knows so we can enter into MindBody so the sub gets paid. If you happen to talk to someone and get your own sub covered, great! Same deal, just let us know.
  • In the future if you know a good replacement for you, please feel free to let us know that also.
  • You will begin receiving text messages from Fit-X. The number that you will receive these from is 858-707-7663. We will use these only for important updates or urgent subbing needs. For all other information we will continue to try to email only once a week with this Fit-Xcellent News.


Welcome to the Team:
Amanda Silliski in San Diego


Where is Fit-X this week:

  • Wishing everyone safe travels and shelter during the storms
  • Mastering MindBody for Group Fitness and starting with Personal Training


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