Fit-Xcellent News Jan 14th


REMINDER about class sign in-sheet requirements.

Office Holiday Schedule: Office closed Monday January 19th for Martin Luther King Day

SD Team Meeting: Feb 6th 1:30pm at The Village Mission Valley
Rsvp now at

NEW - Fit-X Fitness is collaborating with H.G. Fenton on a cool new fitness studio at their new community called Urbana Rental Flats in downtown San Diego.  
Anatomy; An EV Fitness Studio. Follow us @AnatomyEV on twitter and like us on Facebook

Piyo Training: Find out more and get signed up at

  • Bring a friend/send a friend who says you referred them to the training and receive $5 Fit-X Continuing Ed Dollars and go into a drawing for a $25 gas card. 

REMINDER - Attention Fit-X Fitness Personal Trainers!

  • Earn 5% more on your personal training business.
  • Get new clients in Jan 2015 and Earn 5% more per session on those new clients for the entire month of February.  And, the trainer with the most new clients in January will earn 5% on their entire book of business in February. That's including 5% more on current and new clients.

How to earn more and win:

  • Identify your open time slots and let people know you are available.
  • Reach out to all your clients to say Happy New Year offering to help them achieve their goals this year.
  • Be sure to confirm training schedules with any regular clients you have not seen over the holiday.
  • Touch base with inactive clients and leads.
  • Offer them the WorX special; $199 includes consultation, 1 training session per week for 4 weeks.  We've attached the offer here so you can forward it to your fans.
  • Announce the WorX in your classes.
  • Put together small training groups.
  • Be seen and have fun!

Your "new client" 5% bonus for sessions conducted 2/1-2/28 will be included with compensation scheduled to go out March 25th, 2015. "Overall Winner" 5% bonus on all client sessions 2/1-2/28 will be included with compensation scheduled to go out March 25th, 2015. Ties will be won by the trainer with the most new business volume.

  • Definition of a new client: Anyone who has never trained with you at Fit-X Fitness.  Anyone who has been inactive for 6 months or more.


Kudos and Anniversaries

  • Ruena Vergene had 27 people in her first Zumba class at Park West
  • Allyson Ford representing Los Angeles and Matthew Ritter of Orange County for completing The Fit-X Fitness day long business training last week. They ready to get even more of Southern Cal movin’!

Happy Anniversary to all of you who joined us in January of any year since 1995. Thank you for helping us to get Southern Cal Moving

  • Sandy Auriemma  2014
  • Ellen Chisesi  2013
  • Dorian Sailer  2014


Welcome to the Team

  • OC/LA: Brent Levin & Amanda Allen
  • Korey Seeba is now also a PT with Fit-X


Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good


Income Opportunities

  •  Fit X also has a New Format Mentor Program.You interested? Contact Heidi Verner for 411.


Where is Fit-X this Week

  • Learning more about Mind/Body Software
  • Walking East Village San Diego to meet more of our new “Anatomy” neighbors.
  • Networking in North County at Z Code magazine.
  • Teaching La Mesa resident how to practice Yoga at home with ToviFit.


Fit-X Review

  • Creek View, Evening Creek’s sister property, had their first class last week and had a great turn out! Thanks Terri Rucker for helping to launch this.
  • Sarah Starling helped Cubic Corp launch an In-Class Challenge and she had almost every single person participate!

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