Fit-Xcellent News January 13

Personal Trainer Meeting:NEW DATE AND TIME

  • Wednesday January 27 at 2:00 at the Corporate Office
  • Heidi will be discussing Ways To Promote Business and Goal Setting for 2016.
  • You will also have the opportunity to discuss any questions regarding MindBody and we can practice with a test client.


MindBody Top Questions this Week:

Group Fitness:

My clients are booking in but then getting a no show email:

If your clients are booking themselves in then just review your Class Sign-In section to check mark the names as signed in. 

Can I check to see that my schedule is correct on MIndBody so I know Im being paid correctly?

Yes! On MindBodyOnline go to the Reports tab, then Staff, then Schedule at a Glance. Filter as you desire paying most attention to date range for accuracy.


Personal Training(And Paid GF classes)

Can I still accept in person payments?

YES! For PTs--From your phone or computer select your client's session and chose the “Check Out” option. You can enter their payments there and then turn them into the office where we will confirm that it was properly processed. (We also are happy to help you this first month while we are learning) With no payment still be sure to mark your client as Arrived so they will be charged correctly. PTs please note that using a computer provides more options and may be easier to use.

For Paid GF Classes - Go to your sign in area and select the “...” after the client and hit buy. If they already have unpaid sessions it will ask you to  “reconcile” any unpaid sessions with their purchase. Otherwise it will ask you to chose a package and proceed with payment.

If anyone would like personalized one on one MindBody training, Chenayle is happy to do a phone, skype, facetime or other type of meeting to walk you thru it step by step. Please email her to set up a time.


Chase Sterling for this awesome feedback from a class participant...."Hi! I just wanted to say that our substitute instructor for the Boot Camp class at Monte Vista, Chase, is amazingggggg. I have been attending Boot Camp every week since I moved to Monte Vista in September and I really enjoy Denise. I think Chase is a good fit for this class and bonds well with the people who attend and makes the workout challenging for those of us who workout regularly, while still accessible for those who are just getting into the workout groove. I can't say enough great things about her, I wish she was going to be teaching the class longer! ”


Fit-X Subbing Service:

  • Please note this new platform is here to help you! You no longer are required to secure your own sub.
  • Please refer to Team Tools to review the process of how you need to request a sub.
  • If you have already secured a sub please be sure the office knows so we can enter into MindBody so the sub gets paid. If you happen to talk to someone and get your own sub covered, great! Same deal, just let us know.
  • In the future if you know a good replacement for you, please feel free to let us know that also.
  • You will begin receiving text messages from Fit-X. The number that you will receive these from is 858-707-7663. We will use these only for important updates or urgent subbing needs.


Flu Season Heads Up: Please do not wait until last minute if you are feeling ill to secure a sub. You can secure a sub with information that you may be able to still teach yourself but you are not sure based off of your health. Please provide at least 4 hours notice to your secured sub on whether or not you are able to teach.


Where is Fit-X this week:

  • North County Chamber Meeting meeting MaryAnn from Gilligan's Island
  • Looking to add to our Fitness Family with information sessions.




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