Fit-Xcellent News January 29


To ensure proper payment, please check that we have your correct rate and all classes you taught are listed. Do this by February 3rd. 

Here’s how:

On MindBodyOnline go to the Reports tab, then Staff, then Schedule at a Glance. Filter as you desire paying most attention to date range for accuracy

*Paper sheets are still welcome so that we can also compare.

*This will be the final month that any paper sheet will be accepted as redemption for payment.


Personal Trainer Meeting was waaaaayyyyy too much fun!

Check out our YouTube video to see how many moves we figured out how to do with a dynadiscs!


Kudos to the Trainers that attended:

  • Deanna Gwilt
  • Renee Meyst
  • Heidi Smith
  • Heidi Verner
  • Theresa Sena
  • Almira Sharifi
  • Rudy Spencer

Extra kudos to Rudy Spencer for running a monthly themed special every month for awhile now. This month he is focusing on a workshop on the benefits of working out with a partner. Partner training can benefit the client, and benefit your bank account!

Heidi Verner found a great article on What Makes a Star Instructor (we have quite a few)



Angelina Carlon: Baby Bodhi was born 1/15/16 12:40 am 8lbs 12oz.  He was is the NICU for a week but is home now happy and healthy. Angelina will return to her class in February. Hard working mommy!!

Deanna Gwilt on never giving up on getting more participants in her Blvd 63 class and seeing more each week








Welcome to the Team

SD: Alessandra, Tanya, Ani, Erica and Margi

OC: Rochelle


There is now MB University for Group Fitness and Personal Training separated so you can review only what pertains to you. 

MindBody Top Questions this Week:

Group Fitness: Wait there is no more 90 minute window?!

Your time is valuable and to tailor to everyone's needs we have removed the 90 minute window after classes to get your info inputted. You now have as much time as needed! Now, the attendance information is still needed so that you get paid so don’t forget.   


Personal Training: Are my clients automatically getting charged like before?

If you turned in paper sheets and your client has a signature we will process them this month. Moving forward we need you to let us know it is ok for us to input the CC we have on file and can continue to run it monthly. Your grandfathered clients are the only ones welcome to this monthly process. All new clients must purchase sessions ahead of time (does not need to be through Mindbody can still be cash, check or Paypal and we can apply that thru MindBody) or have a CC on file that we can run per session.

PTs please review pricing on your MB location or on the MB University doc. They have changed from what our marketing cards displayed. 

If anyone would like personalized one on one MindBody training, Chenayle is happy to do a phone, skype, facetime or other type of meeting to walk you thru it step by step. Please email her to set up a time.



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  • Deanna Gwilt
    commented 2016-01-31 15:47:29 -0800
    This newsletter was packed with a ton of great stuff! Thank you Chenayle for keeping us all connected!