Fit-Xcellent News July 15th


Personal Trainer Experienced/Master Trainer Applications are due July 31st


Some of you have had some issues with voting, so let me go over a few details: 
  • Not all associates are listed on one question, it had to be divided to   multi questions divided out alphabetically. 
  • If you are not on a certain alpha section your fan would chose our "My favorite isn't listed here" option at the bottom and then proceed.
  • They do HAVE TO fill out the contact info at the bottom of question one or be logged in to proceed through the survey (as that is the only way to see how they voted and have them be entered in contest - they can opt out later very easily) 
  • I added these details to the top of survey to help the participants. 
  • Over 100 people have already successfully taken our survey so we know its working! 
  • Thank you for providing all the feedback as it is helping our customer experience improve. 
Results at end of Day 2
  • Leader: Sarah Starling with 27
  • Runner Up: Heidi Verner with 25 
  • Nipping at heals: Amanda Davis with 21 


Welcome to the Team

OC/LA: Nancy Fleming



To our Fit-Xcellent Trainer Leaders, we can tell you are really rallying your fans! There are several others getting close to the lead so keep motivating your fans. 

To our Quality Assurance Team: 

  • Yoga- Melodie Tao, Judi Schreyer
  • Spin - Judi Schreyer, Jamie Sarbacker, Shauna Dok
  • Boot Camp - Judi Schreyer, Denise Ypina-Favela, Sarah Starling,Jamie Sarbacker
  • Zumba - Roberta Winston, Denise Ypina
  • Pilates - Jamie Sarbacker, Shauna Dok



In-Pool Paddle Board is such a hit that The Village is booking more through October. Too much fun!

Fit-X July Anniversaries

  • Cynthia Adame
  • Valarie Bastone
  • Alysha McCarry
  • Pam Pham
  • Angie Sierra


Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good

Fit-X Fitness is supporting Krista Ladner in her journey to walk in the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego, November 20-22nd. 

  • Krista will walk 60 miles to help fight to find a cure for Breast Cancer.
  • If you would like to donate to help Krista reach her fundraising goal (It’s a Tax Deduction!) Please go to Krista’s link; 
  • Krista has raised $985 & only has $1315 more to go! 
  • Who will be the next to help Krista in her Journey to end Breast Cancer?  
  • Krista has also logged in 38.2 miles so far, Blister Band Aids are AMAZING!
  • You can sign up to for this journey too -

Where is Fit-X this week?

  • Free Class: Bar Conditioning Tomorrow - Thursday, July 16th 5:45pm w/ Denisse
  • Doing in-pool paddle board yoga at Monte Vista and El Dorado Hills
  • Starting Water Fitness classes at Rancho Bernardo Inn
  • Adding another 4 weeks of program at Event Network
  • Grand Opening Avella in OC with their first week of classes.
  • Confirming the new Fit-X Fitness class schedule at Brandman University in OC. Classes begin in August.


Income Opportunities


Fit-X Review

  • Free roof top yoga at Anatomy last Saturday was a great success arm_balance.png
  • Check out Anatomy's Pose of the Day of their Sweatynation page 
  • Aqualogix equipment is for sale: one set for the wrist and one set for ankles $60.00 Cash, pick up in the office. 

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