Fit-Xcellent News July 8th


Personal Trainer Experienced/Master Trainer Applications are due July 31st

Who will be our 2015 Fit-Xcellent Pro of the Year?

  • Voting online at July 13th - Aug 14th.
  • Plus - Receive an Xtra vote for every fan who joins Sweaty Nation at Look for the Sweaty Nation button when you cast your vote and Follow the San Diego and Fit-X Fitness pages.
  • Winner receives $100 gift card to, bragging rights, social media campaign, resume booster and will be featured at the Team Tools Button on our website for an entire year.
  • All voting fans also go into a drawing to win a $50 gift card to  Additional drawings and goodies will be awarded.

Welcome to the Team

OC/LA: Sabrina, Gracelyn, Star and Deborah

SD: Wendy 



To anyone braving the Comic Con crowd! Send us your fun pics and let us know how much you ended up walking. 

Thank you to Eugene Prince, JJ Jorgenson, Rachel Chien, Marta Novials and Allyson Ford for responding to Rachel's inquiry about what formats you want to learn about at the next OC/LA training/workshop. We love when you help us to help you.

To our Quality Assurance Team: 

  • Yoga- Melodie Tao, Judi Schreyer
  • Spin - Judi Schreyer, Jamie Sarbacker, Shauna Dok
  • Boot Camp - Judi Schreyer, Denise Ypina-Favela, Sarah Starling,Jamie Sarbacker
  • Zumba - Roberta Winston, Denise Ypina
  • Pilates - Jamie Sarbacker, Shauna Dok


Danica Elle increased her Centre Pointe 7:00pm Yoga class by 600% in one week just by asking participants to bring a friend.
Sean Eastwood for growing his classes at The Millennium in Woodland Hills by 100%

WOWZERS - Sarah Starling served 16 of our San Diego Region service locations in June. And she still had time for some personal training sessions and to complete a run challenge of running every day!! Now, that is what we call full time fitness! How many paysheets does it take to bill for 16 locations and personal training?......5! 

Fit-X July Anniversaries

  • Cynthia Adame
  • Valarie Bastone
  • Alysha McCarry
  • Pam Pham
  • Angie Sierra


Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good

Fit-X Fitness is supporting Krista Ladner in her journey to walk in the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego, November 20-22nd. 

  • Krista will walk 60 miles to help fight to find a cure for Breast Cancer.
  • If you would like to donate to help Krista reach her fundraising goal (It’s a Tax Deduction!) Please go to Krista’s link; 
  • Krista has raised $815 and only has $1485 more to go! Who will be the next to help Krista in her Journey to end Breast Cancer?  
  • You can sign up to for this journey too -
  • Krista has now purchased moleskin for the first time for Blister one and two : )  "These blisters will not hold me down, I’ve walked 17 miles in the last 3 weeks!"


Income Opportunities


Where is Fit-X this week?

  • At Anatomy this Saturday at 9am for a Free Yoga Arm Balance Workshop 
  • Doing in-pool paddle board yoga at The Village
  • Pumping people up at Palomar Station.
  • Toning Torrey Ridge Residents.



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