Fit-Xcellent News June 10th


Corporate Office is Closing at 2pm on Thursday, June 18th. 

For those NOT at the San Diego Team meeting your compensation check is being mailed out today and will be coming in a manilla envelope with a NEW contact list (please destroy old version) and a packet of our NEW/updated location procedures. Please add these to the locations you already have.  

Remember Pay sheets are due July 2nd by 3pm, The office will be closed on July 3rd.

We have a new web address - NEW ONE:  Please note that we have added "inc" to the address.

Here's what this means for you:

  • Mostly nothing will change, all the links still have the url after the slash, but now instead of saying it is
  • Your unique log-in info for our website will remain the same
  • Until June 16th all links will resolve correctly, but please update your bookmarks now
  • PTs--hand change on your business cards or other Fit-X material please
  • PTs--update your email signature please to reference "My new bio link is updated at fitxfitnessinc.com_firstname_lastname"
  • PTs--PLEASE NOTE your email address does NOT change             

Who will be our 2015 Fit-Xcellent Pro of the Year?

  • Voting online at July 13th - Aug 14th.
  • Your fans may cast unlimited votes.  You may vote for yourself.
  • Plus - Receive an Xtra vote for every fan who joins Sweaty Nation at Look for the Sweaty Nation button when you cast your vote and Follow the San Diego and Fit-X Fitness pages.
  • Winner receives $100 gift card to, bragging rights, social media campaign, resume booster and will be featured at the Team Tools Button on our website for an entire year.
  • All voting fans also go into a drawing to win a $50 gift card to  Additional drawings and goodies will be awarded.

Welcome to the Team

  • SD: David Chace, Nam Kempsy and Tiffiny Childress
  • OC: Tamara Colon


george_hood_plank_record_holder.jpgOn May 30th George Hood broke the world record for holding the longest plank. His time was 5 hours 15minutes 15seconds; how does he do that??


TerriRucker.JPGTerri Rucker's yoga core class at Creekview is outgrowing the room there.
She is consistently having 8-10 participants, go Terri!






IMG_0503.JPGAmanda Davis for leading the group in a P90X sample leg series at the June 5th team meeting. If you are intersted in getting certified as a P90X instructor, please let Heidi Verner know and we can work to get a certification class added to our con-ed schedule. 




Sara_Snow.jpegSara Snow for saving the day at the meeting by helping out Deanna at Anatomy to cover a Rooftop Yoga class the next morning. 


Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good

Fit-X Fitness is supporting Krista Ladner in her journey to walk in the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego, November 20-22nd. 

  • Krista will walk 60 miles to help fight to  find a cure for Breast Cancer. If you would like to walk the journey to you can sign up at

  • Or if you are unable to walk and would like to donate to help Krista reach her fundraising goal! Please go to Krista’s link; 


Income Opportunities

  • Your referrals can apply online and you qualify for a referral bonus.
  • Fit X also has a New Format Mentor Program.You interested? Contact Heidi Verner for 411.


Fit-X June Anniversaries

Nicole Evans     6/2014
Tracey Grosso   6/2014

Heidi Verner   6/2003
Renee Meyst   6/2013
Vickie Hubbard   6/2009


Where is Fit-X this week

  • North San Diego Business Chamber Mixer at the Bernardo Winery
  • WELCOA Eating Right for Life Certification
  • Orange County to make some more new friends.

Fit-X Review

Thanks again to all who attended our San Diego team meeting 

  • Thank you to Janis Stevens, Suzanne Duffy, Renee Meyst, Linda Collins and Deanna Gqilt for our follows on Sweaty Nation and thank you to Renee Meyst and Deanna Gwilt for your "Make a Case for Fitness" stories. All the above have earned $5 Con-Ed Cash dollars for their participation for each item. 
  • Please check our Facebook page for all the pictures from that day.
  • You can view our "Fit-X Team Thru the Years Photos" at


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