Fit-Xcellent News May 6th

Making a Case for Fitness; a personal message from Deno

I realize this is preaching to the choir. You all know how important what we do is or you would not be practicing in one of the most amazing industries ever. But, I want to share a personal story that really drives home how important what each of you do is.

As some of you may know, my Mom had knee surgery last week.  I have been her caregiver during her recovery.  She is doing great and better than expected.  “Why?” Because of her fitness level going into surgery. So, first let me thank Renee Meyst, my mother’s trainer and our very own North County Regional Coordinator aka Fit-X Fitness Water Fitness Guru for the work she has done with my mom.  Mom came out of anesthesia very quickly and very alert. The raves regarding her fitness began in the recovery room and continued in the recovery ward. She was sent home after just 2 nights.  Both physical therapists who have made home visits are amazed at her ROM and mobility.  My mom is, was and always will be an active person, but she like all of us, needed the right guidance and recipe for fitness.  So thank you Renee and thank you to all of you for getting SoCal moving.  You make life better!

If you have a story that “Makes a Case for Fitness” please share it with us at and we will publish it in future FitXcellent News editions.



Corporate Office will be closed Monday, May 25th for Memorial Day 

Remember to mark your calendars for June 5th @ 1:30 pm for the All team meeting for San Diego associates meeting at Scripps Ranch (SRSRC) RSVP at the Continuing Education section of the Team Tools page or by selecting link here

Compensation Deadlines vs Pay Periods: We constantly get some confusion about the difference in our dates, so please allow us to clarify. When you are listing the dates on your compensation paperwork please only include the 1-15th, 16th-30th/31st for PT or 1st-30th/31st for group. We allow you on average 3 days of admin time to process your paperwork but you are not to include those few dates on your paperwork.  If you are ever unclear, just contact us for clarity and we are happy to help. 

Personal Training Rates: We have altered the general San Diego PT rates. Your current clients may stay at current rates unless you decide to increase them. All new clients will start on the new rates, effective immediatly. Please coordinate with the office to pick up your new rate cards. 

Water Workshop Continuing Ed: 
Sunday, May 31st 12:30-4pm
City of Poway Swim Center
13094 Civic Center Drive
Poway, California 92064    
Those who attended last year and come this year get more cec's                       
Associates Go to: by Tuesday, May 26th to register for FREE (link coming soon)




Where is Fit-X this week

  • Orientations at La Jolla Commons new fresh air fitness area.

  • Reigniting fitness fever at Event Network with Ashley Pena and Almira Sharifi.

  • Getting ready to open The Millennium; Woodland Hills next week.


Fit-X Review


Heidi stopped by Anatomy after the Padre game on Sunday 

The office went Office Space on some borrowed printers to vent our frustration on our current printer situation. Look for more of our photos and full video on our Facebook page. 


photo.PNG photo_1.JPG photo_2.JPG photo_3.JPG





Welcome to the Team

The Millennium; Woodland Hills. They begin service Monday 5/11 with Allyson Ford and Sean Eastwood as our flagship team. Great job Rachel Dickerson getting this one started so quickly



Sarah Starling for her work with “Girls on the Run”

“I work a couple days each week as a volunteer coach and the 17th is our big end of season 5k, where we run with the girls.  Check out the organization, if you haven't already heard of it- I work with one of the charity sites, and it's super rewarding. “

A note from a location about Ashley Pena;

“I just want to drop you a quick note on how happy and impressed I am with Ashley.   She recently subbed at our HQ location and several students approached me with incredibly positive feedback on her class.  She is also doing a wonderful job with the ongoing classes at the Tech Center and has demonstrated flexibility when occasionally the location gets moved to our other building.    She is the perfect mix of professionalism and warmth and I feel very lucky to have her for our CareFusion employees.   Thanks again for selecting such wonderful instructors to support our program!”  GO ASHLEY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.J. from OC/LA knows what honoring a commitment is and made things work so she could still teach her class. She had a class on May 4 and May 7 that we could not get subs for… she changed her schedule during her Grad week to teach them herself!  Thank her for her dedication!


Fit-X May Anniversaries

  • Tania Villabazo  5/2014
  • Christian Vetter 5/2013
  • Jen Mendenhall 5/2013
  • Andrea Lane 5/2012
  • JJ Jorgenson  5/2014
  • Meredith Williamson 5/2014
  • Melanie Wilkerson  5/2014
  • Susy Faus  5/2012
  • Elizabeth Gilroy   5/ 2012
  • Janice Seufert   5/2013
  • Joel Silverthorn 5/2013
  • Nancy Tengan  5/2011
  • Lachele Thrower  5/2013


Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good

May 17th is a big day. Check it all out.


Income Opportunities

We currently need instructors for the following:

  • Saturday AM Yoga and Boot Camp
  • Water Fitness all areas, AM/PM and weekends.
  • Swim Instructors for Children on weekend mornings
  • Zumba; North County plus all areas .
  • Spin, Boot Camp, HIIT and Cardio Kickbox
  • Yoga subs for North County Coastal and Inland.
  • Any friends to refer?

They can apply online and you qualify for a referral bonus.

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