Fit-Xcellent News Nov 18th

Please join us in sending good vibes and much success Krista Ladner’s way.

  • First Krista is embarking on the Susan G Komen 3 Day (60mile) walk this weekend. Let’s join forces in keeping the blister and sore muscle demons at bay
  • Then she’s off to start a new job in customer service with the airline industry.  
  • After 3 years of service here at Fit-X Fitness, we are sad to say that Krista is moving on to the next chapter of her life. Krista, thank you for the past 3 years and we wish you all the best on your next adventure. Please stay in touch and stop by if those wings ever fly you back to San Diego.


Please note - Effective Immediately Corporate Office Hours will be Monday - Thursday 9am - 3pm.

  • With the exception of any currently published holiday closures.
  • Friday 11/20    Closed
  • Monday 11/23  9am - 3pm
  • Tuesday 11/24 9am - 3pm
  • Wednesday 11/25  - Friday 11/27 Closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • For any scheduling emergencies requiring attention outside of open days and times please contact your coordinator and/or in San Diego call the emergency phone.



Please double check your contact list to review your phone number, formats able to teach and area you can serve. We will utilize these soon to reach out to you for income opportunities. The more correct it is, the more things you will receive that will only pertain to you. 

MindBody is coming to Fit-X Fitness! Some of you have helped us beta this at The Village and Del Rio.  Thank you!  Everyone…. hang on because Fit-X Fitness is going high tech! Anticipated total company cut over is 1/1/15.  Stay tuned for important information regarding this process.

Stuff that will change in 2016 (not yet, but in the new year)

  • No need for paper GF sheet
  • No more class sign in sheets
  • Up to the minute real time attendance tracking and so much more…..
  • All current processes are in place till further notice
  • Instructors - You will be able to manage your classes from your phone.
  • Trainers - you will be able to manage your clients from your phone.

Get a sneak peak at  You won’t all be using everything shown in this 3 minute YouTube, but you will be using some of it when you are out there getting people moving.  Stay tuned for instructions and access information between now and year-end.


Last 3 days to have your fans comment.  Ends Fri 11/20.

Every instructor who has at least one participant complete our Survey Monkey survey gets $5.00 Con-Ed Cash dollars. All instructors who do this also go in to a drawing for $25.00 gas card! (4 winners)

Every participant  that completes our survey and provides us with contact info will be entered to win a Personal Training package worth $300!


Bypassing common fitness mistakes article continues…Rookie Mistake: You’re Crushed by Criticism

Yesterday two people walked out in the middle of your class. Today a woman asked you if the old instructor would ever be back. One of the regulars said she didn’t like the routine you’d spent the entire weekend working on. You’re beginning to wonder if a job digging ditches might be more rewarding.

Expert Move

Some members don’t like change and you are new, so they don’t like you. Every class becomes a proving ground, and the only way to win is to beat your students to the punch. Don’t wait for criticism; ask for it. Remind people that this is their class and you want to know how you can make it fit their needs. Leave your ego behind and meet them outside, ready to listen to everything they have to say. Do this every week for as long as it takes.

It’s never possible to please everyone, but the fact that you’re trying goes a long way. No matter how long you’ve been teaching, “helpful suggestions” will always be forthcoming. Look at each one closely, and rather than beating yourself up, see if you can find a way to improve.

It takes guts to get in front of people, put yourself out there and try to deliver a home-run performance day after day. Give yourself credit for all the hard work you do, and get ready to trade in your rookie card for a ticket to the big leagues.



  • Congrats to Almira for securing our first PT client at Verge. How did she do it? By conducting an orientation there, following up and being available. Way to go Almira!
  • Deanna wrangled some ladies in the gym working out to come and join her class. Don’t be afraid to go seek out new fans :)


Welcome to the Team

  • OC/LA: Derek Brown and Annette Romo
  • SD: Garrett Clark, Cheri Siebler, Julie Hannan and Sarah Speers


Fit-X November Anniversaries

  • George Hood  11/2013
  • Dana Mitchell 11/2012
  • Rhonda Norton    11/2012
  • Janis Stevens  11/2008
  • Peggy Wiley   11/2014
  • Matthew Ritter  11/2014

Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good

  • Heidi Smith.... Mass Casualty victim supreme...Academy Award please. (Check out all the pictures on our Facebook page)
  • Heidi joined our founders; Scott and Deno Bell, at the San Diego Coast Guard Station as volunteers to support our Coast Guardians in a competition and fundraiser.  Heidi flexed her acting muscles as a victim suffering from a sucking chest wound, compound fracture and 3rd degree burn in a mass casualty roll play.  Luckily they were able to save her and treat her wounds. In fact, she was saved 4 times by 4 different crews.  She was invited to join the Guardians for a chili tasting and lunch afterward.  Heidi, we really appreciate your team spirit.  It is our pleasure to award you a $50.00 gas card for supporting The Coast Guardians and our Fit-X 4 good efforts.


Where is Fit-X this week:

  • Planning the Healthy Lifestyles section of the March Women’s Week Kick-Off event.
  • Krista is walking the 3-Day.
  • Meeting with MindBody to prep for a 2016 program management platform launch.


Fit-X Review

  • Horseback Riding with The Village and Del Rio
  • Deanna had her class at The Village doing medicine ball planks & snapped a pic to share :)
  • Linda Collins helped La Mesa citizens get moving last weekend at a city wide expo. She was joined by local TV personality Sean Styles for a Yoga demo. And look at what Linda is up to next: She will be on News 8 in December for a health segment leading Barbra Lee Edwards thru a short yoga practice.






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