Fit-Xcellent News Nov 5th

Corporate Office will be closed Wednesday, November 11th for Veterans Day. 

Surveys are Starting November 9th: You will either be mailed slips to hand out to your participants or can find them already on location. Below are the specific links by area:

  • Please just hand out slips to class and ask them to take out their phones and complete survey. Participants will be entered to win a $300 PT package. 
  • Remind them to include your name as the instructor for your chance to win too. 
  • Last Year Heidi Frechette, Katie Officer, Lory Battisti & on Amber Cottrell won $25 gas cards for having their participants conduct our survey.


Rookie Mistake: You Overshare

To break up the monotony of the workout, you regale your class with funny stories, talk about the latest movies, or share your opinions on current events. You are providing a workout and entertainment! What could be better?

Expert Move

You have a microphone and a captive audience; don’t abuse them. Polarizing topics like politics or religion have no place in the classroom, but even more benign topics can be a turnoff. People are in your class to do something for themselves. Make them the focus. Talk about things that are relevant to the task at hand, and save the rest for the locker room or a coffee date with your close friends.

The urge to gab often comes from the fear of dead air. Fill that void by beefing up your cuing.

  • Repeat setup cues for participants who missed key pieces.

  • Cue modifications, and talk about what students should be feeling and where they should be feeling it.

  • Throw down a challenge on how to increase intensity.

  • Remind people of the positive changes they are making in their bodies.

  • Praise their efforts.

If you still feel the need to make class more personal, talk about the challenges you face with a particular move and how you work with it. Knowing an exercise can be tough for you as well will do more to help students relate to you than knowing who your favorite Kardashian is.



  • Melodie Tao for sending us 3 fitness referrals and getting $90 added to her upcoming compensation check AND getting a $50 gas card! That right she got all that just for sending us referrals!! Friends really are gold! 
  • Heidi Smith and Deanna Gwilt each received a $25 gas card for participating in our Burpee contest. How fitting since they started it all off at our September team meeting! Their energy turned into real energy to drive around! 
  • Welcome back Bella Del Mar.  Great job Renee working with property management there to survey residents. Yoga resumes this Sunday with one of our newest team members; Lucia Amaral. 



Judi Schreyer for helping out Shauna last minute for a Spin Class at Scripps so she could take care of her son. We love when family can come first at the hand of our fitness family. 


Welcome to the Team

  • OC: Jeannie King and  Julie Murray
  • LA: Rafahael Islam


Fit-X November Anniversaries

    • George Hood  11/2013
    • Dana Mitchell 11/2012
    • Rhonda Norton    11/2012
    • Janis Stevens  11/2008
    • Peggy Wiley   11/2014
    • Matthew Ritter  11/2014
    • The_Grande_North_Orientation.jpg


Where is Fit-X this week:

  • Mixing it up in North County with the San Diego Business Chamber
  • Showing residents at The Grande North how to use their new equipment. ( top right) 
  • Launching MindBody at The Village and Del Rio
  • Last In-Pool Paddle Board Yoga of the year at The Village.
  • RBI_w_Deanna.jpgGenentech BootCamp and a 5K at RBI (bottom right)


Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good

Food and Shoe Donations Starting! Drop your donations off at our corporate office. 

  • USED ATHLETIC SHOES(any brand/size) for the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe drive


Susan G. Komen 3 day walk, 60 miles in 3 days in San Diego.

Krista has now logged 140.5 miles to date! On Saturday she walked from Oceanside to Solana Beach!!!! Boy was that a long long long long walk!! Sunday she walked from Liberty Station through Old Town, Mission Hills, Hillcrest (starbucks stop), Balboa park and ended on the Embarcadero.   

You can still donate if you would like;

If anyone would like to send Krista a card while she is on her 60 mile journey please send here.
Susan G. Komen 3-Day Camp Mail

  • ATTN: Krista Ladner
  • P.O. Box 1703
  • Carlsbad, CA 92008
  • MUST BE POSTDATED BY November 10th.


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