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Bypassing Common Mistakes in Fitness: Follow this series weekly to improve yourself. 

Rookie Mistake: You Shame Participants

There’s no hiding in your class. You call people out if they’re lagging. You keep the energy in the room high by screaming, “Just do it!” and, “Go faster!” at regular intervals. The best way to describe your motivational style is “in your face.” You take it as a compliment when people compare you to a communist dictator, and the fact that some people are too scared to come to your class secretly pleases you.

Expert Move

Even instructors who present the most physically exhausting workouts are successful because they make their students feel proud of what they can do. They don’t shame people for what they can’t do. All students have off days, when just showing up takes a Herculean effort. On those days, people need you to lift them up, not tear them down.

There are many coaching styles: cheerleader, coach, scientist, buddy, Zen master and more. No matter what your style is, emphasize the positive. Call out individuals who are doing an espe-cially good job, but fight the urge to put the spotlight on someone who is lagging. There are dozens of valid reasons for participants to dial back intensity. Correct form and praise improvements, but never lose your patience, even if you make the same corrections on the same people every week.

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Burpee Contest burpee-funny.jpg

1. Send us your pic or video (please make sure phone is turned long-ways) of you or a group doing any variation of a burpee. 
   (P.S. make your class do them while you video)
2. Get your fans to like your entry on our Facebook page.
3. Learn more about burpees by following our #burpee hasthags

Winners will receive:

  • $100 shopping spree for client winner!
  • All participant entries go in to a drawing for 2 Personal Training sessions!
  • $25 gas card for the winning Fit-X Fitness associate!
  • Contest goes until October 31st. Winners announced Nov. 2nd  


Last Minute Sub Kudos to Pam Pham!  Thank you so much for jumping in at the last minute when a sub instructor had car trouble! Pam drove all the way from Lake Forrest to Costa Mesa with less than an hours notice to make a class happen at The Enclave Tuesday night! Way to go!


Fit-X October Anniversaries

  • Larry Indiviglia  10/97
  • Korey Seeba  10/14

Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good

Susan G. Komen 3 day walk, 60 miles in 3 days in San Diego. Krista has raised $2285.00 only has $15.00  more to go, I’m at 99% of my goal. Who wants to be the lucky one to help her reach her goal? 

If you would  would like to donate (It’s a Tax Deduction) to help Krista reach her fundraising goal I need to raise $2300 to be able to walk. Please go to Krista’s link;

If anyone would like to send Krista a card while she is on her 60 mile journey please send here.

  • Susan G. Komen 3-Day Camp Mail
  • ATTN: Krista Ladner
  • P.O. Box 1703
  • Carlsbad, CA 92008
  • MUST BE POSTDATED BY November 10th.

Where is Fit-X this week:

  • Petco Fitness Center Orientations; Have fun out there Deanna, Korey and Renee
  • Dart Neorosciences Fitness Center Orientation; Show ‘em how it’s done Heidi Smith
  • Healthy Lifestyle event planning in North County
  • Finding some great new team members to invite to our info session next week
  • Playing with puppies in our Corporate Office again :)

scoot_1.JPG scoot_2.JPG








Fit-X Review

Petco Fitness Center Opening - North Business Chamber Mixer at Petco 





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