Fit-Xcellent News October 7th

Notice: Corporate Office will be closed Monday, October 12th for Columbus Day. Please check your fitness schedules. Most properties ARE HOLDING CLASSES. 



Income Opportunities

  • Don't forget about that awesome referral bonus that has extra perks until October 31st!!



Kudos go to Theresa Sena for handling a Personal Training situation professionally. Theresa took all the right step and had an incident report filled out promptly, also stayed with client to make sure they were okay. Thanks for all you do!

Look what Carol Sheckler; HR Business Partner at Cubic Transportation Systems has to say about Fit-X: "I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you – and especially Theresa Sena’s dedication and great instruction.....have enjoyed Judy Stern’s yoga classes as well!"​

Nancy Tengan did a great follow up with a potential PT client she connected with at a Gym Orientation. "This week is a big exciting week for you, marking a fresh start. I would love to help you reach your fitness goals." Great job on making follow-up your fortune! 


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Erica Brinsfield and Domenica Rodriguez



Referral Bonus BONUS Now - through 10/31 ONLY

  • We are expanding.
  • New Classes are coming on line.
  • We need to stock up on your subs.

Refer a qualified Fitness Friend NOW and earn $30.00 when they have signed a contract.

  • Plus ... you don't have to wait for 3 months.
  • Get your referral fee paid with your 11/10 compensation check.


  • Be entered to win a $50.00 Gas Card or $50.00 I-Tunes card.
  • Earn an entry for every name you send us, plus an extra entry when that person applies, plus an extra entry when they join the team.
  • Drawing will be conducted on November 4th in the office.  Winners will be notified by e-mail and gift cards will be sent with your compensation check.


Burpee Contest

1. Send us your pic or video (please make sure phone is turned long-ways) of you or a group doing any variation of a burpee. 
   (P.S. make your class do them while you video)
2. Get your fans to like your entry on our Facebook page.
3. Learn more about burpees by following our #burpee hasthags#BurpeeBeatdown #BurpeeOrBust#BeatTheBurpee#BeTheBurpee#BestingTheBurpee

Winners will receive:

  • $100 shopping spree for client winner!
  • All participant entries go in to a drawing for 2 Personal Training sessions!
  • $25 gas card for the winning Fit-X Fitness associate!
  • Contest goes until October 31st. Winners announced Nov. 2nd

Bypassing Common Mistakes in Fitness: Follow this series weekly to improve yourself. 

Rookie Mistake: Asking Class for Suggestions

Asking the class for suggestions may seem to be a thoughtful way to personalize the experience, but you will come across as ill-prepared. When you show up at a Madonna concert, do you want her to walk out and take requests, or do you want her to explode out of the stage, colors flying, and knock your socks off?

Expert Move

Come to class ready to wow. Know what the class expects beforehand, and prepare plenty of rock-solid material. Let participants know the class goal, how it will be achieved and why it will pay off, so that they’ll be excited out of the gate. Personalize the workout by offering modifications. Let people know that, no matter what their fitness level is, they can attain the class goal. Present several different versions of each exercise, and then leave the front of the room to make one-on-one adjustments and offer individualized encouragement.

Once you have a game plan with many different levels, be ready to change it! A true expert has plans A, B and C at the ready. Even with a regular class and time slot, you never know when a “wild card” might be thrown into the mix. For example, you might have a high-intensity workout planned, but even your best modifications may not fly with the novice, the pregnant lady, the 80-year-old and the participant who has a back injury. If you’re overprepared, you can break out your backup plan instead of breaking out in a nervous sweat.


Where is Fit-X this week:sorrento.JPG

  • Sorrento Towers Event: Heidi Smith helped them showcase their brand new gym. 
  • Hiking with Verge
  • RBI 5K for Mass Mutual group led by Renee Meyst 
  • rbi_5k.JPG








Fit-X October Anniversaries

  • Larry Indiviglia  10/97
  • Korey Seeba  10/14


Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good

Fit-X Fitness is supporting Krista in her journey to walk in the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk, 60 miles in 3 days in San Diego. Krista has now logged 104 miles to date in preparation. If you would  would like to donate (It’s a Tax Deduction) to help Krista reach her fundraising goal I need to raise $2300 to be able to walk. Please go to Krista’s link;

  • Krista has raised $2285.00 only has $15.00  more to go, I’m at 99% of my goal.
  • Thank you Almira and Chenayle for the donation it is greatly appreciated

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