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Fit-X Review

Look throughout this entire edition to find extra topics, congrats and wows from the meetings

Both Meetings reviewed the need for updated certifications. Please provide those to us ASAP!!

San Diego Team MeetingSara_Award.jpg

  • We reviewed upcoming events--Check out our Upcoming Training section and Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good 
  • Feature Sarah Starling as Fit-Xcellent Pro of the Year: She had just come off a whole day mountain race (only female finisher!!) and still had a smile on her face and enough energy to work us out! This is why people love her, what motivation!! 
  • Burpee Beatdown: We will be featuring lots of fun burpee videos, variations, funnies and more on social media this month! Even something you hate can be fun if you make it that way!! 
  • Our Top 3 Fit Pros worked us out!! (Pictures of each section below. All photos on Facebook)
    • Sarah Starling uses a game called Peaks and Valleys for our warm up, where we use cones to flip over other teams colors and this time we had to burpee for each flip! She uses this game and others on long days in the field to give her body a break but still giving her group a fun way to work out... another reason why this pro is FitXcellent!! 
    • Heidi Verner did our middle workout with PiYo and thankfully did a less intense version and also showed a Chalene Johnson burpee variation. 
    • Amanda Davis helped us cool down with great stretching moves.

 warm_up.jpg piyo.jpg cool_down.jpgGood_TEam_One.jpg 


OC/LA Team Meeting

  • J.J. provided the workout portion and gave a ton of progressions and variations for core exercises.
  • The team had way too much fun figuring out how to successfully take a group photo. 

pic_fail.jpg team_OCLA.jpg IMG_4481.JPG


Anatomy Expo: Free Fitness Day

  • We had a great time getting people moving and keeping people moving all morning! We had a raffle for a Free Personal Training Package and for One Month Free of Group Fitness Classes! 
  • We are looking forward to another Free Fitness Day in January so stay tuned!
anatomy_dogs.jpg anatomy_bar.jpg anatomy_yoga.jpg


Gift Card Winners at the SD Meeting: Heidi Verner and Adrielle Edwards for winning $10 Starbucks Gift Card


WP_20150911_010.jpgHeidi Smith and Deanna Gwilt for being ready to go beyond a bid and challenging each other to a burpee off!! They did so many I lost count but Deanna finally bowed out and so Heidi Smith won a $25 Gas Card and Deanna won a $10 Starbucks Gift Card.

Gift Card Winners at the OC/LA Meeting: Cynthia Price for winning the $25 Gas Card and Gracelyn Knutsen for winning the $10 Starbucks Card.

To our Office/Management Team that participated in some exercises to help improve our team and won gift cards or continuing education cash also!

Special Thank You to the amazing instructors that made up the team this Summer at the Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach!!
Eugene Prince, George Hood, Angie Sierra, JJ Jorgenson and helping out James Bella!

We really appreciate your care of the guests at the Surf & Sand this Summer!  Guests loved the classes and enjoyed our instructors! Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Winter Break Programming later this year!

flyer.jpg Check out this photo shoot done at Surf & Sand with Jakki Braden for their flyer. Very cool!! 





Almira Sharifi.. regularly serving 6 and soon to be 7  San Diego Service locations, keeping all those balls in the air and for getting your first Personal Training Clients!  Where do you keep your cape?

Jennifer Umberger-Diamond for subbing at 5 different locations in August. We appreciate your help.

Upcoming Trainings

 Ballerobica Barre Certification:


Where is Fit-X this week:

  • Heroes luncheon with the North San Diego Business Chamber 
  • The Village Trainer Meet N’ Greets
  • Kayaking with Monte Vista and the pros at Hike Bike Kayak San Diego


Fit-X Sept Anniversaries

In honor of 20 years of getting SoCal moving, we have been and will continue to award $5 Fit-X Con-ed Cash Dollars to each Fit-X Associate as we recognize their Fit-X Fitness Anniversary month.

Gina Welsh   2014
Rachel Zhang 2012

Jenna Bernacchi  2014
Jakki Braden  2014
Amy Flrishman 2013 


Xcellent Events and Fit-X 4 Good

  • Fit-X Fitness is supporting Krista in her journey to walk in the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk,60 miles in 3 days in San Diego.
  • On Saturday, September 12th I did my first 10 mile training walk, and it was a pretty easy but, holy cow Sunday morning talk about soreness setting in.  A little soreness is nothing to what breast cancer patients are going though, so I will push through the soreness.

  • If you would would like to donate (It’s a Tax Deduction) to help Krista reach her fundraising goal I need to raise $2300 to be able to walk. Please go to Krista’s link;

  • Krista has raised $1905.00 only has $395.00  more to go, I’m at 83% of my goal.


Income Opportunities 

Introducing the F.I.T. Program (Fitness Internship Training)

  • It is a structured shadowing and mentoring program that you can do at your own pace as you pursue your format specific certification. 
  • You interested? Contact Heidi Verner for 411

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