We need your help getting more instructors to fill our ever growing class demand. A referral does not need to be someone you are close with, it can just be someone that let you know they need more work. We do not hold you responsible for your referrals, but do pay you for them (referral bonus info link here)!!  


- San Diego: Spin referrals we will pay $35 for!

You get paid in 30 days upon instructor taking on a class within the first two weeks of on boarding.

- OC/LA: We will pay $35 for ALL referrals!

You will get paid within 30 days upon instructor taking on a class or on the normal 3 month mark if they just come on to sub and are still active and in good standing.


Income Opportunities

Fitness instructors, do you want more subbing opportunities? Check the live sheet daily for updates, opportunities, and changes!


Important Subbing Reminders:

  • Instructors please remember our subbing procedures which states you may only request 1 sub per class in a month unless emergency, vacation, leave of absence due to illness, and maternity leave.

  • Subs requests must be made 12 hours before the class unless it is an emergency. An example of emergencies are death, vomiting, life threatening accidents, and transportation related. The emergency phone number is 619-863-3489-NO TEXTS PLEASE

  • Research shows that your class will gain more participants if you are consistently showing up for your class! Make sure to make your face noticed and talk to your participants to make your format fun, engaging, and personal.


Are You Ready for the Mindbody Update?!

The MINDBODY Express® app has a redesigned Client Profile that brings the most important information about your clients from the core software to the app. You can view and manage your client info from Express, which means more functionality and flexibility, and less back and forth between your mobile device and desktop. Click here for more information!


Memorial Day Treats

Memorial Day is a great day to spend outdoors with family and friends! However, with picnics and celebrations sometimes we find it harder to choose healthier treats unless we substitute those unhealthy snacks with healthier options! Here is an amazing list to help you this weekend!

  • Ground turkey or lean beef for hamburgers

  • Lettuce wraps instead of buns

  • Fruit instead of candy

  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day

  • Raw vegetables instead of chips

  • Salad instead of potato salad or coleslaw


Associates Next Adventures

Join Deanna for a new career in brewing! Her and her husband’s brewery, Bronto Brew, is ready for tasting! Join us as we celebrate her next steps!

Bronto Brew Grand Opening

9235 Trade Place, Unit D

San Diego, CA 92126

Saturday, June 16th from 2pm to 11pm

Event details can be found here.


Deanisse Y. is also on the flight train! Make sure to check out her and her friends event below!

Sunday the 29th of May from Noon to 1pm!

Yoga Practice led by Melissa Guffy

$20 includes class & craft beer, a pint or flight of tasters right after

Everyone is welcome!!

Have a new adventure or fitness event to share? Email us at


Happy Memorial Day Office Hours

This is a reminder that the Corporate Office will be closed Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day. If you need anything urgent please call the emergency phone 619-863-3489-NO TEXTS PLEASE.



  • Sharky and Erica for helping out with some last minute emergency subs and spinning classes. Great work team!

  • Lindsey for subbing classes that needed to change it’s format!

  • Ashley P. for covering an emergency subbing class on a Saturday!

Welcome to the Team!

  • Welcome Kisha & Katie H. to the SD Team and Adam E. to the OC Team!

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