Office Hours

Office hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm

Reminder: Closed Wednesday, Nov 23rd - Friday, Nov 25th for Thanksgiving


  • Are yours due? Certification status is a top priority in our decision to consider you for an increase or continued contract. If you have a certification update for us, please send it over ASAP so we can process a 2017 contract for you.

    • Fit-X needs a copy of your updated certifications or a printout of your planned certification prior to the expiration of your one on file.

  • Need certs? Contact Kim.Aquilo@nasm.orgto take advantage of some awesome deals! Be sure to inlcude the following info when you contact her:

    • First/last name

    • Email address

    • Contact number and best time to call

    • what you would like to register for

Fit-X Tips:

  • Do you follow us on social media? You can find us by searching for Fit-X Fitness or using the links on our email signatures. Send us a heads up after you follow us and like a few posts and we will send you some Con-Ed cash!

  • Going out of town for the holidays? Make sure that you let your LC and the office know so we can help you find coverage for your classes. The sooner we know the better.

    • Please note that we already have requests coming in for January. While we can take those requests, it is best to submit anything for early January at the end of November. There is just so much that can happen!

Income Opportunities and Reminders

  • December 2nd is your next due date to have your participants entered into Mindbody and to check the report for any errors. December 10th is the scheduled date for your compensation to be mailed out.

  • Fitness instructors, do you want more subbing opportunities? Check the live sheet daily for updates, opportunities, and changes!

  • Make sure to check it weekly for your sub requests as well to be sure you are covered.

Mindbody Tips and Reminders

  • We will begin transitioning the Mitchell and Cubic Mindbody site into other existing sites on Decmeber 1st to reduce the number of accounts we are needing to go to. If you are a current instructor at one of these locations, you will receive an email from us with more specific details. By January 1st these sites will be totally removed and merged into either the San Diego or OC/LA accounts. 

  • Have suggestions for how to make Mindbody better? They take them online in the help area and actually make some based on that feedback. The more feedback they get about a topic, the faster it may change. 


  • April Flowers and Jennifer Diamond for taking on sub requests this month!

Welcome to the Team!

  • Carmen Ramirez

Where was Fit-X last week?

  • Denisse Ypina taught kids dance at The Verge and had a great turnout! Thank you Denisse for getting those little feet moving!

Where is Fit-X going?

  • On break!!! Wednesday, November 23rd to Friday, November 25th we will be spending time with our families!

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