Fit_Xcellent News 9/19/2016

Office Hours

Office hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm


Income Opportunities and Reminders

  • Fitness instructors, do you want more subbing opportunities? Check the live sheet daily for updates, opportunities, and changes!

  • Make sure to check it weekly for your sub requests as well to be sure you are covered.

  • Compensation checks! Check the calendar here!Remember that the first column is when you need to report changes by and the second column is the date we mail out.



  • Are yours due? November is when we review the contracts. Certification status is a top priority in our decision to consider you for an increase or continued contract.

  • Fit-X needs a copy of your updated certifications or a print out of your planned certification prior to the expiration of your one on file.

  • All certification updates should be in no later than Monday, October 31st, 2016.


Mindbody Tips and Reminders

  • You MUST enter a “participant” even if no one shows up for class. You would add something like “Member 0”, “Attendance 0” or my personal favorite “Agent Zero” If no one is signed into a class it will not show up on our reports that we run in order to compensate you. Any missed entries that are found after receiving your compensation will not be sent out until your next scheduled compensation.



  • Kisha Torres, Brian Vellante, and Jennifer Umberger for lending a hand!

  • Theresa Sena is packing her spin classes at the Verge! Go girl!!!!


Welcome to the Team!

  • Welcome all these awesome new associates to our San Diego team

    • Sara Andre's had her baby! Please welcome Samuel Eli to the Fit-X Family!

Traffic Alerts

  • Summer has ended...but that doesn’t mean Fall doesn’t carry its own fun! Events are coming up, so if you’re teaching in Mission Valley be aware of your travel time especially on the dates below:

  • Saturday 10/08 12pm    SDSU vs UNLV at SDSU

  • Thursday 10/13 5:25pm  Chargers vs Broncos at Qualcomm


Where is Fit-X?

  • At Luce Bar celebrating Heidi Verner's Birthday!


Fit-X Tips:

  • Compensation Schedule: Stay in the know about when you need to have all attendance recorded and when you will be getting your checks in the mail!

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