Movie Memes About Fitness Recipes and resources for flexible dieting and IIFYM:

Deno Bell is going to be a Group Fitness Instructor!!

"Old Aerobic tricks. After 8 years of not teaching and only taking continuing education for corporatewellness and business I have decided to GF recert with ACE and work on the front lines of fitness again. This old aerobic dog has been getting back in shape and is ready to learn some new tricks. Can't wait to personally get more people in AK moving. Thank you to the SoCal Fit-X team for keeping the mission alive and thriving there. Your enthusiastic posts and the instructors I've met here keep me motivated me to get back in the mix.
From Alaska with love, Deno."       Stayed tuned for more on this journey!

Our New Location Map

Instructors we have created a Google Map of all our locations for you! These maps are located under Team Tools on our website. With these maps you can look up a location and visually see where a location is located in OC and SD!


Reminders If You Need and Sub

Instructors, the Emergency Phone and the Subbing Text Number are two DIFFERENT numbers. If you need a sub during the weekend or after office hours please CALL the emergency phone. The emergency phone does NOT receive text messages.


Steps on How to Request a Sub for Your Class:

  1. Email the corporate office at

  2. Please include in your email the format, time, location, and dates.

  3. You will receive an email stating the corporate office has received your request and can view it on the sub tracker.

  4. Wait until you receive a confirmation from the corporate office as to if your class has been covered.

Please note:

  • If you do not get a confirmation of coverage your class is not covered!

  • Sub requests given to the office within 6-12 hours of the class are not guaranteed to be covered. In this case you will need to help find your own sub or teach the class. (We do understand emergencies).

  • Two sub requests are permitted monthly unless vacation, illness, emergency, or approved by your location coordinator.

With that said…...

Subbing Sheet is Always Changing

Fitness instructors, do you want more subbing opportunities? Check the live sheet daily for updates, opportunities, and changes!


Stop and Take a Selfie!

Did you know Fit-X Fitness has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account! We love to feature our instructors and trainers doing what they do best so send us your pictures to #showyourstuff

Administrative Professionals Day
Wednesday, April 27th (Chenayle here sneaking this in so we can all wish Erica a lovely day and thank her for all she does) 


Care to Spin?

If any of them are looking into a new format, there will be subbing and possible class opportunities.


1) Spinning


If you know spin instructors who are looking for work, please send them our way. We do have a referral program and you will receive $25 when they have been with us for 3 Months.


Discounted CPR/AED and First Aid Classes:

We found a new place in La Mesa that has more affordable courses. Check it out here:


Where is Your Heart on Mother's Day?

Rene MacVay was kind enough to send us this amazing opportunity from Two Men and a Truck called Movers for Mom. Take a look!

Where is Fit-X:

  • Erica will be out April 19th-26th, so please be patient with Chenayle, Heidi, and Rachel they are doing a few different jobs with her gone.

  • Surveying a new location in Anaheim 

  • Supporting Carefusion at their Earth Day celebration with Yoga classes. 


  • Seema for taking a month's worth of Yoga classes at Scripps due to Megan’s maternity leave!


Welcome to the Team!

We are very excited to welcome Amanda M. & Jessica T. in SD!


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