Beat the Heat in August!

August can be a hot one, so we have some tips and tricks to beat the heat this month!

  1. Block the sun. Closing curtains, placing yourself under a shaded area, or using an umbrella can reduce the amount of heat that gets into your house, on your deck, or even as you’re walking down the street.

  2. Spritz yourself. Occasionally spritzing yourself with cold water can regulate your thermal temperature especially if you're overheating.

  3. Stay hydrated! Drinking your body weight in water helps replenish the water lost during perspiration.

  4. Eat light. Calorie dense food will make you feel sluggish in the dead heat, so opt for summer salads, smoothies, and cold soups instead.

  5. Take a dip! It’s summer, so cannonball into the water and cool off!


Want more “beat the heat  tips, check out


Office Hours Update

Our office hours are changing to Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm starting August 1st.

We will be welcoming a new admin to our office team, TBD also beginning August 1st.


Income Opportunities

Fitness instructors, do you want more subbing opportunities? Check the live sheet daily for updates, opportunities, and changes! Make sure to check it weekly for your sub requests as well! We have a TON of July subs needed!! #vacationtime


Traffic Alerts

Summer events are coming up, so if you’re teaching in Mission Valley be aware of your travel time especially on the days below:

Now - July 24th        Comic Con is in town (If you go please send us a pic)

8/22 Monday 7pm   Guns and Roses

9/1 Thursday 7pm  Chargers vs SF 49ers


IDEA was a HIT!

Thank you so much for going to IDEA this year instructors! We heard great feedback about each experience you had! We’re so excited to bring your knowledge to the team.


Chenayle Gatewood, General Manager

“I also attended IDEA but for the Club & Studio side of things. I learned a few fun tips that I wanted to be sure to pass along.”

  • Start every day with 3 things you are grateful for. This came up several times and when you imagine even one thing you are grateful for you get this automatic sense of calmness and happiness that can help drive a more positive start to your day.

  • Do not look at your phone/computer until you have done your "morning routine" Best said like so, "Let YOU rule your day, not your DAY rule you." By taking the time to focus on what you want to accomplish for the day, you will be less distracted by all the small things that can take away from your goal.

  • Integrity. I loved this part bc it made me feel like Fit-X is really doing something right. Knowing we can confidently say that most people have had a positive experience with us and that we are always doing more than necessary to make things right is why I feel most of our team and customers appreciate us.

  • See our Instagram at Fit_Xfitness for pics I posted from my day. My phone died way too early!


Weights for Weight Loss



Most women think “Lifting will make me bulky”, but they’re wrong. Here’s why:

  1. According to a study done at Penn State, you will lose 40% body fat by incorporating weight lifting exercises in your exercise routine. If you just incorporate cardio into your daily exercise routine you will lose fat, but you will also lose muscle. The rule of thumb in this scenario is that 1 pound of muscle grown is 4 pounds of fat lost and the more muscle the more toned you will look in that bathing suit!

  2. You will burn more fat at rest when incorporating weights into your exercise routine because after a lifting session your muscle fibers need energy to repair, thus an extra increase in calorie burn.

  3. As women we genetically have a high rate of osteoporosis and surprisingly research has found that weight lifting decreases those chances! Resistance training helps bone density and a chemical in the body called osteocalcin, which is an important factor in bone growth.

  4. You’ll be stronger and faster. Muscular strength not only makes it easier to lift things, people, or pets but the strength helps you with different cardiovascular exercises such as biking. Stronger legs will help you pump, run, walk, and balance better then if you just continue to stick with cardiorespiratory exercises.  

  5. You will be increasingly happier. Honestly, wouldn’t seeing abdominal muscles appear in your midsection after a few weeks of resistance training make you happy?

There are way more benefits that I could not list in this blog post, but trying a resistance training program out for the next 4-6 weeks is way more beneficial, but you already knew that! So, get out there and train!



  • Brian and Jocelyn for jumping at the opportunity to sub so many classes their first 2 weeks!


Welcome to the Team!

  • Welcome Nicky to the SD Team!


New Locations Starting in August

  • Gateway One Lending in Anaheim Hills with 4 classes a week!

  • AMN Healthcare in Del Mar with 4 classes a week!

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