George Hood

"Set goals, keep score, break records...anything else is just exercise."

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10 Years of Experience

Serving these San Diego Areas:
Central, Mission Valley, North Coastal, North Inland and West

Areas of Specialty: 

  • Toning and Conditioning
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Youth Fitness
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Weight Loss
  • Military and Law Enforcement Training
  • Core Conditioning
  • Yoga
  • SUP (Stand Up Paddle board)


  • NESTA Personal Trainer
  • American Sports & Fitness Assoc Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instructor 
  • Spin Cycling (MADDOG Athletics)
  • American Sports & Fitness Assoc. Senior Fitness Instructor
  • CPR, AED, and First Aid
  • BA Government &Public Service
  • MS Forensic Science

Other Points of Interest:

  • Former Marine officer and retired DEA Agent who has also served in Afghanistan providing counter-terrorism investigative support to US Forces. 
  • An ultra-endurance training and performance consultant who has set 6 Guinness World Records (GWR) in 3 different fitness events. 
  • 20 years USMC OCS and USMC Basic
  • School/Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Graduated DEA Academy/Former DEA Training Coordinator/GWR Ultra Endurance Training
  • Law Enforcement Physical Fitness, Firearms and Unarmed Self Defense Instructor
  • Law Enforcement Security Adviser and
  • Trainer in Afghanistan
  • Distinguished IUP Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award (April 2013)
  • George is featured in a documentary film titled Breaking and Entering a Chump Change Production. View the trailer and the movie's website at:
  • George has also been twice published in the Guinness World Records and is currently in the 2014 edition (inside rear cover)

Volunteer Work: 

  • 8 years Boy Scouts of America Personal Fitness Training Coordinator and Counselor
  • Set 6 Guinness World Records from 2007-2013 and raised over $125,000.00 for various Charities


  • Various Law Enforcement Physical Fitness Awards
  • 6 Guinness World Records
  • Currently hold the GWR for the “Longest Static Abdominal Hold” or “Plank” as is more commonly known at 3 hours, 7 minutes and 15 seconds (April, 2013)

Other Positions in our Company: Group Fitness Instructor