June 12th Newsletter

HG Fenton Corporate: Health Challenge Feature

Melissa and Damien headed a 6 week health challenge for the HG Fenton Coroprate office here in San Diego. 40 people participated and everyone saw results! Here are a few pics of them in action. 

 IMG_0060.JPG IMG_0068.JPG  IMG_0098.JPG


Office Hours

Office hours are Monday - Thursday 9am - 3pm and Friday 9am - 1pm

July 4th and 5th the Corp Office is closed to celebrate Independence Day


Income Opportunities and Reminders

  • The 3rd is typically the deadline for GF entries for the month. Please Note: June compensation check is scheduled to go out June 12th. See full 2017 pay dates here.

  • The subbing continues! Please be sure to review our sub tracker to be sure of the exact day, time and location that you are covering a class for us. If you are the reg instructor, please reach out to your sub to be sure they don’t have any questions and are set to go. Our office is doing regular reminders, but a little extra can’t hurt.



  • April Flowers and Victoria Patterson have been on fire with subbing, covering the largest percentage of subbing needs for the last few months. Daniel Dunlap was just shortly behind them. We truly appreciate their availability to help us out to ensure consistent service to our customer. 


Welcome to the Team

  • Laureen Kelly in San Diego 

  • USCD CHEAR program 


Fit-X Tips:

  • Staying Current with Certifications: Please review your certifications to be sure they are current. If you have recently re-certified, please be sure to send the corporate office a copy of your certification. 


  • If in need of certifications be sure to check out www.NationalCPRFoundation.com

  • Need certs? Contact Kim.Aquilo@nasm.orgto take advantage of some awesome deals!

  • Current Specials -

  • Be sure to include the following info when you contact her:

    • First/last name

    • Email address

    • Contact number and best time to call

    • what you would like to register for


Mindbody Tips and Reminders 

Every single check round we get at least three people who have "missing amounts" It takes more time for them to get paid that and time for us to do research, but it can all be avoided!  

All you need to do is run a report prior to the 3rd of each month for the previous month to be sure all the dates you taught show up at the correct rate. Please check it out, it’s a very simple 3 step 3 min process that can really save us all a lot of time.

  1. On MindBodyOnline.com go to the Reports tab

  2. Click on the “Staff” link

  3. Schedule at a Glance. Filter as you desire paying most attention to date range for accuracy


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