Meet Our Orange County Trainers

You can count on our fitness professionals to make a difference. Our experienced, insured trainers are true professionals with nationally recognized certifications. We offer one-on-one sessions, semi-private sessions and partner sessions in addition to free, confidential individual health assessments & consultations.

Locations available

Trainers may be available to come to where you work or live upon request.  Work out with your personal trainer in the gym, at the park, in your home, the pool or at your office. 


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Allyson FordAllyson_Ford_headshot.jpg

  • Areas of specialty: High intensity, efficient workouts for busy professionals
  • Learn more: Allyson's Trainer Page

Brent Levin

Carla Broughton

  • CarlaBroughton.jpgAreas of specialty: Strength training, weight loss, functional training, core conditioning and flexibility
  • Learn more: Carla's Trainer Page


Matthew Ritter 


  • Areas of specialty: Improving Movement Quality, Strength Training, Weight Loss, Functional Training, 
    Core Conditioning, Indoor and Outdoor Based Training Programs, Group Fitness Boot Camps
  • Learn more: Matthew's's Trainer Page


Rachel Dickerson