National Nutrition Month

How to Use the Nutrition Focus Calendar:

  • We have selected components of a sound nutrition program that we find most people often forget about or have trouble doing.
  • Try to eat a balanced low fat diet, but also specifically focus on the nutrition assignment for each week.
  • Plan implementation for the entire week, shop for it, write/type it into your personal organizer, put up signs and notes to remind yourself.
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Focus Functions:

Week 1: Water is essential to all life.  It  fuels all the energy systems of the body, powers brain function and facilitates proper function of all vital organs.  In a perfect world we would all drink 8 glasses a day (add a glass for every caffeinated beverage you drink).  But, let’s start one glass at a time.  Keep a water bottle handy and in sight as a reminder.

Week 2: Fruits and Veggies; the purist form of vitamin and mineral supplementation.  Eat a variety to maximize your diet.  Remember; the darker or more vibrant the color, the richer in nutrients it is. Because most of today’s fresh produce is grown in less than adequate soil and subject to many treatments,  it may still be necessary to take a good quality nutritional supplement .

Week 3: Fiber keeps the pipes clean and reduces the rate of many diseases.  To receive the health benefits of reduced risk to the related diseases and intestinal disorders try getting in 25-40 grams a day.

Week 4: Fat can be your friend and your foe.  Eat no more than 25-30% and no less than 15% a day. Good fat includes Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish like salmon, albacore and tuna.  Fat serves as a source of energy,  provides the body with a natural thermal blanket and is a component of cell membranes.

Week 5: Sweets we all want some right? Just take them in small portions and try choosing a healthier option when given choices. Just know there are 3500 calories in a pound, so do you really want to eat that sweet? 


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