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Are you fit to travel?

Do you feel bloated when you travel?  Fight fatigue between meetings or sightseeing? Just plain ole feel out of sorts?  And do you usually gain weight when on travel whether it’s vaca or business?   According to the Huffington Post twenty nine percent of those surveyed say they always or often gain weight while traveling.  

Don’t let this happen to you!  Fight bloat with smart food choices, fight fatigue with physical activity and put yourself back in to sorts by maintaining your normal routine as much as possible. Here are some tips for staying tip top on travel.

First, plan ahead.  Pack your work out gear.  You are more likely to fit fitness in if you have the right attire with you.  Research your gym membership affiliates in the area or look to see if the hotel you are staying in has a fitness center.  Don’t forget to ask about day fees.  And/or is the surrounding area walkable/runable and safe?  And let those you are traveling or visiting with know that your exercise regimen is important to you.

So you are on your way…what do you about the long drive, flight or lay over?  Get out at rest stops and take a quick brisk walk. Stretch your legs and rotate your ankles while in your seat on the plane and walk concourses and terminals during long lay overs (that’s why I love carry- on that rolls and.. it’s great people watching while you walk).  You will feel so much better when you arrive at your destination if you’ve moved, stretched and flexed on the way there.

You have arrived. Dinner and lunch get togethers are scheduled or you find yourself eating on the run between meetings.  When dining out, see if someone will split an entrée since doggy bags are not practical while on travel. Ask how food is prepared. Avoid cream sauces, fried foods and keep alcohol to a minimum.  The average chicken dinner with potato, side of veggies preceded by a salad and including the bread basket can rack up to 2700 calories in one meal.  That is 1100 calories over the average woman’s daily basal metabolic rate.  If you are eating on the run and fast food is all you can get your hands on… ask for no cheese and less mayo. That can save you up to 100 calories.  Do not get the combo meal as the fries will add 200  and up to400 calories if you super size it.  Psssst.. really check out what is on that salad.  It may have more calories than the hamburger.  And.. save money, promote better digestion and stay hydrated by drinking water instead of soda.

Ok, so it’s time for your work out. Your membership has no local affiliation and the hotel gym day fee is $25.00.  You are not sure about the neighborhood.  What do you do?  Guess what!? There is an entire gym right in your hotel room. Use chairs for squats and balanced lunges, counter tops for incline push ups, the bath tub ledge or bench at the end of the bed for tricep dips, firm beds for your ab crunches plus make use of the FREE gym no hotel concierge will ever tell you about; the long hallyways, stairwells and parking lot.  You can get quite the cardio work out in by power walking hallways, walking up the stairs to the next floor, power walking the hallway and so on… 

The more you move, the better you will feel during your trip and the quicker you will get back on track upon your return.  Happy travels everyone.

Deno Bell

Deno Bell is founder of Fit-X Fitness; a concierge fitness management company providing group fitness, personal training and wellness programs for small to medium sized corporations and residential communities in Southern California since 1995.  We get people moving and keep people moving.

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