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 "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Benjamin Franklin was on the cutting edge of wellness programming even in the 1700's. He knew then that prevention is the best savings plan. And…not just monetary savings, but also life saving.

“Did you know that for every $1 spent on workplace wellness, employers can save $6.00? A 6 to 1  ROI.”  Gotta love that!  And the same goes for us as individuals. Invest a little in prevention and save big time in the long run.  Better quality of life, longevity, reduced health care costs etc... And.. I'm sure you've already guessed it... the best prevention is MOVEMENT.

“Look around you. Less than 5% of Americans meet the daily minimum activity recommendation. Over 35% of adults are obese and 17% of children. Healthcare spending has tripled since 1990, along with the size of our waistlines. A simple 10% decrease in inactivity could decrease healthcare spending by $150 million per year.” (Dr. Toni Yancey; Professor of Health Sciences UCLA 2013)

But, I know you don’t have time to change your clothes, get to the gym and work out. You may not have the budget to put a comprehensive wellness program in place. You don’t have to.  I discovered that after years of yelling at people in the aerobic room, fitness programming the heck out of their work week and lecturing about exercise that everyone is just plain ole’ tired of being told what to do.

So, why not just play?  I was recently introduced to a program developed at UCLA and being championed by Kaiser Permanente called Instant Recess.  The first time I experienced it I knew it was great. It’s as easy as dropping in 10 minutes of passing a beach ball around the room.  Do this to kick off a meeting or schedule recess breaks within departments throughout the day and  just have fun.  No clothing change required. No special room to report to. And.. all it costs is the price of a plastic beach ball.  You can add music if you want, talk to each other about your day, have a brainstorming session or play a word association game to keep those brains cells firing.  I know it works because I do it with my teams when we meet.  We all end up laughing and being energized for our meeting. 

As a woman business owner and someone who is passionate about getting people moving, I love the idea of just playing.  So, just play and it will pay off in the very dividends  Benjamin Franklin talks about.  It does not need to be complicated or take long.  “Just Play”, she said. 

Deno Bell

Deno Bell is founder of Fit-X Fitness; a concierge fitness management company providing group fitness, personal training and wellness programs for small to medium sized corporations and residential communities in Southern California since 1995.  We get people moving and keep people moving.

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