Instructors, we love our new texting feature, however, the texting option ONLY works during Corporate Office Hours. Therefore, texting after office hours, Saturday, and Sunday will not let the office know you need a sub. Please use the emergency phone number if you need a sub after hours and on the weekends. Thank you!



We need your help getting more instructors to fill our ever growing class demand. A referral does not need to be someone you are close with, it can just be someone that let you know they need more work. We do not hold you responsible for your referrals, but do pay you for them (referral bonus info link here)!!  


- San Diego: Spin referrals we will pay $35 for! 
You get paid in 30 days upon instructor taking on a class within the first two weeks of onboarding. 

- OC/LA: We will pay $35 for ALL referrals! 
You will get paid within 30 days upon instructor taking on a class or on the normal 3 month mark if they just come on to sub and are still active and in good standing. 


Income Opportunities 

Fitness instructors, do you want more subbing opportunities? Check the live sheet daily for updates, opportunities, and changes!


Meet Our New Personal Trainer in SD

We are so excited to announce that a current Fit-X Fitness group fitness instructor, Chase S., is now a Personal Trainer with us! Congrats Chase!


We Are In Need of Spin Instructors/Subs for the Mission Valley Area

If any of them are looking into a new format, there will be subbing and possible class opportunities.


1) Spinning  (See $$$$ info above )


If you know spin instructors who are looking for work, please send them our way. We do have a referral program and you will receive $25 when they have been with us for 3 Months.




Friday the 13th is Upon Us...

That's right instructors, Friday the 13th is this Friday! Instead of worrying about everything bad that could happen on this misunderstood day, do something good for yourself! 

If you complete any of these moves in or out of class make sure to take a picture and hashtag us at #fitxfitness13th

Discounted CPR/AED and First Aid Classes:

We found a new place in La Mesa that has more affordable courses. Check it out here:


National Sports and Fitness Month Continues....

There are so many sports and fitness options out there, but each are different in regards to calorie burn. Here's a quick "cheat sheet" for estimated calorie burns from running to yoga so you can have a small idea of how much you're burning with each exercise. However, we are all unique individuals and burn calories at different rates, so if you want the real deal grab a heart rate monitor! Enjoy fitness peeps!


Bike to Work Week 

Bike to Work Week is May 16-20th! Don't have a bike? We have you covered! Check out DecokBike San Diego   for all your bike rental needs.


  • To Erica B. for competing in her first bodybuilding bikini competition! She placed in the top 10. 
  • Keely & Roberta for subbing for emergency calls this week!









Office Hours

This is a reminder that the Corporate Office will be closed Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day. If you need anything urgent please call the emergency phone.


Welcome to the Team!

  • Christine S.  to the SD Team!
  • Rachel's new puppy Teddy!


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