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Is Your Body Responding to the Time Change?

The time change is difficult and causes disruption in your sleep, mood, and energy levels. However, there are ways to help adjust!



  1. Try to sleep in at least once. I know I am crazy right? Sleeping in a few more hours will help your body respond proactively to the difference in time and easy the stress it has on the body.

  2. Watch your caffeine intake. It’s important not to load up on coffee, tea, and energy drinks with daylight savings. You want to try to sleep, not stay up later.

  3. Avoid distractions such as electronics, tv’s, and night lights. Turning off these distractions 3 hours before bed will help your mind slow down and relax to go into that deep sleep your body needs.

Subbing Sheet is Always Changing

Fitness instructors, do you want more subbing opportunities? Check the live sheet daily for updates, opportunities, and changes!


Spring Break Office Hours

Due to the holiday, the Corporate office will be closed March 25th and 28th. Please call the emergency phone if there are any issues.


National Walking Day

National Walking day is April 2nd. Did you know that walking can actually reduce stress hormones, help weight loss, and ease back pain? It’s true and you can read all the benefits here.

Where is Fit-X:

  • Joining forces with Advanced Exercise Equipment to get more locations moving.

  • Surveying a new location in La Jolla to start classes by April 1st.

Spring Break is Coming!

Going anywhere for spring break? It’s time to start thinking about subs if you have any plans over the Easter holiday. Send in your sub requests now to



  • To Roland for subbing a class his first day at Fit-X Fitness and taking three classes on of his own!


Welcome to the Team!

We are very excited to welcome Roland on the SD Team!!


Have a wonderful ending to March!

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