Relationships: Part One - Breaking the Ice

Relationship: Let’s talk about how to build quality relationships in what we do as fitness professionals.

How do we deepen and enrich the relationships with our classes and clients? We’re not  talking about deep personal stuff that we have no business knowing. But, rather, the things that help us find common ground and connect us. Have you ever noticed that your mechanic takes better care of your car if you’ve been to see the same one a few times? And not, just because you’ve been a repeat customer, but because, for example,  you found out along the way that you like the same sport, maybe even the same team.


So, let’s explore the great questions to ask; Questions that will open the doors to building common ground and enrich our experience. Nothing solidifies a group of people or keeps them coming back more than liking what they are doing and enjoying the people they are doing the activity with.

Here are some non-invasive ways to break the ice.
-Have everyone share their favorite food.
-Ask each person to share where they are originally from
-Ask each person to tell the group what exercise they hate the most or love the most
-Ask each person to share the name of the coolest place they’ve ever visited
-More can be checked out at

These are all non-personal questions. But they create common ground. Everyone needs to eat, everyone is from somewhere etc. You just need to ask one of these to get things start during the warm up, during static moves, or high repetitions, abs, while stretching, whenever!

Stayed tuned for our next post where we review “Ok, Now what? How to keep the conversation going.”

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