Relationships: Part Two- So You’ve Gotten the Conversation Started…Now What?

Keep the conversation going. Ask 2 to 3 leading questions about the initial topic in order to dig a little deeper. Here is a question from the list I sent last week:

“Who is your favorite athlete?” When they answer you can take that further by:

1) If you don’t know what sport this athlete played, ask
2) Once you identify the sport, you can ask if that happens to be their favorite sport to watch
3) You can ask them why is this person their favorite athlete
4) You could ask if they had ever played that sport in school or for fun
5) Share what sport you played or like in order to create common ground
6) You could ask what their most memorable moment is about playing that sport

You get this far and the conversation will take on a life of it’s own. So far we have discussed talking to those you already know, but what do we do for those that we don’t already know?

You just never know who your next client, friend or fan will be. Perhaps it’s that new person right over there. Speaking to someone you’ve never met is easy for some, difficult for others. The secret is to avoid waiting too long before approaching, because if you do, someone else might talk to them first. So take a deep breath, think of a good opening and go for it! It’s really not that hard. Read more here

Ok, We’ve reviewed:
-ice breakers
-conversation starters
-questions that keep the conversation going
-and how to approach new people.

The final step is follow-up and staying in touch. Anyone you haven’t seen in class for a few weeks or a client who slowly reduced frequency in training, you should reach out through e-mail, text, snail mail and people you know who know them. Letting someone know that you notice their absence can be very powerful. Let them know they matter. Enjoy your summer making new fitness friends and keeping long time fitness friends moving.

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