Service Location FAQs

Do you have liability insurance and how much?
Yes. We secure a $3 million dollar policy and certificate of additional insurance for every location we service.

Is a minimum number of contract classes per month required? 
Yes, two per week.

How is program attendance monitored?
Mindbody generates an attendance report that you can check at anytime!

What if our group does not like the instructor or class format?
We work with you to get the best class and instructor for your location and make needed changes.

How do you determine the interests of our group/decide on what classes to provide?
Feedback Programs: e-mail surveys, paper surveys and more…                                                   
Fit-X Fitness also conducts an annual feedback program.

Do we need to provide any equipment?
Equipment requirements depend on the class format you are interested in. We can discuss this based on the interest of your population, budget, available storage, etc.

What are your space requirements?
We can make fitness happen anywhere! We will work with you to design a program that safely uses your available areas and accommodates the interests of your population.

What are the qualifications of your instructors and trainers?
Group Fitness: CPR, First Aid, Nationally Recognized Certification and current format specific certifications.                               Personal Trainers: CPR and First Aid, Nationally Recognized Personal Training/Fitness             
Certifications and current specialty certifications.

What is the term of a service contract?
Our minimum service term is one (1) year and includes a 30 day cancellation clause.

How are we billed for services?
Monthly invoice for the number of classes conducted in that month at your location.

What are our payment options?
We accept payment online via Auto Deposit and by mail via checks made payable to Fit-X Fitness.


More questions? Contact us to talk to a Fit-X Team Member.