Fit-X Fitness has been serving Southern California since 1995. Through our lasting experience, we have become SoCal's leading fitness company in developing unique fitness programs with corporations, residential communities and private fitness clubs looking to offer fitness programs as a benefit for their employees, residents and members. We offer complete programming and services in the following areas:

Group Fitness

Our programs can be tailored to meet your needs, budget, space and equipment. We can provide complete fitness class programming, contemporary popular class formats, mind-body classes including yoga and mat pilates and so much more! Get all the details on our Group Fitness page.

Fitness Management

Remove the hassle of managing your classes and instructors. We do everything for you from scheduling classes and providing skilled professional instructors to reporting class attendance. 

Wellness Programs

We provide proven, safe, high quality wellness programs to help participants reduce stress, lose weight and improve their quality of life. We offer a Specialized 8 Week Weight Loss Program, Corporate Weight Loss Challenge, Coached programs and more.
Visit our Wellness Programs page to learn more.

Personal Training

You can count on our fitness professionals to make a difference. Our experienced, insured trainers are true professional with nationally recognized certifications We offer One-on-One sessions, semi-private sessions and Partner Sessions in addition to free, confidential individual health assessments & consultations. Meet our instructors and learn more on our Personal Training page.

Service Location FAQs

For answers to your insurance, contract, class format and service questions please Visit our FAQs page for the basics.

Contact us today to help you attrack, engage and retain residents and employees.