4 Ways to Use Social Media to Motivate Your Work Out

Being a recovering fitness fanatic who now has a husband, child and a zoo it can be difficult to not only find the time to work out, but the motivation.  As said recovering fitness fanatic and fitness professional I know all the reasons why I should work out and I do work out…. as I’ve shared in my previous blogs.  But, let’s be honest, just because I have the discipline to do it, does not mean that I want to do my work out each and every time or that I always look forward to it.  I think my husband and close friends assume that it is always easy for me.  It’s not!

Over the years, I’ve looked for and employed ways to take the edge off and to reduce the number of those less motivated days.  My newest and most surprising strategy includes using social media. I say surprising, as I was the anti social media poster child for quite sometime…. protecting my teenager from the pit falls of on-line relationships and guarding my time against what I saw as a giant time suck.  That’s not to say that caution should not still be used with social media, but I have been shocked at what an excellent tool this has become for me. So, here are my 4 great ways to use Social Media to Motivate your Work Out.

1. Follow someone  you admire in the fitness world on Twitter.  Their enthusiasm and ideas will keep you going.  Sometimes it may even make you mad because they seem so happy and energetic all the time, but then remind yourself that you want that happiness and energy, too.

2. Follow a fitness publication on Twitter. All the latest and greatest ideas, moves and research will be delivered straight to your phone and suddenly appear just when you need it the most.

3. FaceBook with others and share your work out trials and tribulations.  When you are down, one of your FaceBook friends is bound to be up and vice versa.  Plus… you can schedule to work out or take a walk together.

4. Exercise yourself with blogging.  I mean work out your inner deamons and obstacles to exercise by writing about them.  Share your experience and cleanse yourself of whatever the baggage is that weighs you down.

Find us at our social links and please share how you are using social media to motivate your muscles to move.

Deno Bell Founder Fit-X Fitness
Moving Southern California since 1995

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