Fit_Xcellent News 4/28/17


Sustainable healthy living doesn’t have to be extreme! There are ways to re-train your brain and create lasting positive changes.  

Drinking Water - Inspire others with a drinking water challenge.  Thirst is a natural urge that should be fulfilled naturally and when quenched it often curbs those pesky cravings.   

Healthy Eating - Moderation is key.  Eat all the colorful local produce we’re lucky to have in Southern California, and indulge diligently with your favorite treats.  

Working Out- It’s our job, so keep people moving!  When we Teach our body that movement matters, we can change the behavior patterns of being sedentary for too long.  

Sleeping Well - take a nap if needed and sleep when tired.  Remember a curfew on the internet and TV to balance between daylight and darkness, work and rest.  

Stay on track and each day your brain will retain a pattern to look for the positive.  Taking care of yourself creates ripples of happiness and success in doing so can create a real revolution.   


Office Hours

Office hours are Monday - Thursday 9am - 3pm, Fridays 9am - 1pm

Memorial Day May 29th Office is Closed


Fit-X Tips:

  • Unfortunately, the emails you get from our system that come with a border cannot be directly replied to. We tried several tech fixes but our website and the host will just not coordinate. If you see a sub email and want to respond, please simply forward your response to


Instructors - When you see the email confirmation confirming your sub, respond with the info below.  Please remember that when the office gets you a sub, you are responsible for making sure the instructor has the following info:

  • tips on getting into the site
  • the fitness level of participants
  • getting a key/fob
  • any details you feel your sub needs about the class/site
  • Your class is still your responsibility, with SO many subs requested we need to make sure we're providing the highest quality of customer service to each location.


Income Opportunities and Reminders

  • The 3rd is typically the deadline for GF entries for the month. April's compensation check is scheduled to go out May 10th. See full 2017 pay dates here.

  • The subbing continues! Please be sure to review our sub tracker to be sure of the exact day, time and location that you are covering a class for us. If you are the reg instructor, please reach out to your sub to be sure they don’t have any questions and are set to go. Our office is doing regular reminders, but a little extra can’t hurt.


Mindbody Tips and Reminders

Every single check round we get at least three people who have "missing amounts" It takes more time for them to get paid that and time for us to do research, but it can all be avoided!  

All you need to do is run a report prior to the 3rd of each month for the previous month to be sure all the dates you taught on show up at the correct rate. Please check it out, it’s a very simple 3 step 3 min process that can really save us all a lot of time.  On go to the Reports tab

  1. Click on the “Staff” link

  2. Schedule at a Glance. Filter as you desire paying most attention to date range for accuracy.


  • Kudos to Kris Jeynes on recruiting a new Fit-X associate to help take over her class, connecting us with Management to facilitate the change and promote it, and for using her strong relationship with her participants to make sure everyone will be happy with the transition. She even provided us with a new location referral!  Best Wishes at your new home!

  • HG Fenton Corporate Office is our newest site and we will be organizing their first employee health challenge that matches their culture called ‘TransformYOU’.  This program will be for 6 weeks and has 40 participants signed up.  Our Fit-X instructor Damien Joyner will be leading the corporate office team thru workouts and coaching guidance.  If you are interested in hosting a health challenge at one of your locations, please connect with our Fit-X office for more details.



Thank you to all that attended the Stages Spin training at Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club. Here is a a great pic captured by Deanna. 



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