Trainer FAQs

How do I get started? How do I select a trainer?
When viewing the biographies on our website you can see which trainers specifically serve your Fit-X location. View their bios for specialtlies, interests and certifications that match what you are looking for. You can also contact the service coordinator for your location for additional assistance.

What are my payment options? and can I be billed?
Credit card, cash or check made payable to Fit-X Fitness. We do ask new clients to pre-pay for the first two weeks and to keep a credit card on file or continue to pre-pay for sessions. 

How are my sessions tracked?
Your trainer will record the day, date, time and value of your training sessions on your Mindbody account. Ask them how to get logged in so you can also review this. 

Are there any contracts?

What areas of San Diego and Orange County do you service? Where can I work out?
If you live or work at one of our Fit-X service locations you can train there. In-home and outdoor training at local parks and beaches is also available.

How do we schedule?
Once your trainer knows your goals, the two of you will discuss training frequency and then work to mesh your schedules to meet those goals.

What does a consultation include?
It includes a health questionnaire covering current lifestyle; work intensity, rest, nutrition, exercise, pre-existing conditions and any health concerns. Your trainer will also interview regarding what your past exercise experience has been…what worked, what didn’t, what you like to do and don’t like to do. He/she will also explore your goals. Scheduling considerations, Fit-X cancellation policies and preferred communication methods will also be addressed.

Can I bring a friend to a personal training session?
Sure! There is a partner fee and he/she will need to complete a liability waiver and health history brief. See current fee schedules for partner fees.

What’s the difference between a Personal Trainer and a Master Trainer?
A personal trainer is someone who has their personal training certification and is maintaining that certification through practice and continuing education. A Master Trainer is some one with a significant number of years of experience and who has pursued advanced continuing education in specific fitness training methods.

Are your trainers certified and insured?
You bet. All are required to hold and maintain a nationally recognized certification plus CPR/AED. 

Why does a trainer need to be certified?
Certifications create a standard of expected knowledge and education so that we know Fit-X trainers know what they need to know in order to provide safe, effective and progressive training. Once certified, trainers are required to maintain their certifications through continuing education thus ensuring that they are up to speed on the latest research and training methods.

More questions? Contact us to talk to a Fit-X Team Member