Wellness Programs

Programs provide proven, safe, high quality wellness programs to help participants reduce stress, lose weight and improve their quality of life. We offer a Specialized 8 Week Weight Loss Program, Corporate Weight Loss Challenge, and Coached programs.

We offer:

  • Specialized 8 week weight loss programs
  • Corporate Weight Loss Challenges
  • Coached Programs
  • Health & fitness education and promotion
  • More!

Ask about these NEW Fit-X Fitness wellness programs:

  • Eating healthy series
  • Walking for Wellness
  • Progress Journals 

Wellness Topics/Presentations

Our value-added presentations can help engage the participants that may not be ready to come to class, further encourage those who are already attending class and help anyone who is just needing some more fitness or health information. Topics range from "Ask the Pro" to nutritional topics to exercise tips and injury prevention. 

Wellness Services

Body Fat Testing: A hand held non-invasive device that takes only a few minutes for results. 

Measurements: watching the inches is the best way to really track your results. 

Health Challenges: Combine body fat testing, measurements, workouts, journals and friendly competition to get your team motivated!


Brain and Body Breaks:

No skill, clothing change or special equipment required. Can be offered in the office, conference room or meeting space. Employee engagement and wellness are 2 of today’s biggest business concerns. Booked in to one hour with transition time and billed at one hour group rates. Ex: NSR 12pm-12:20pm and 12:30pm-12:50pm.

No Sweat Required: Relax and rejuvenate - 20 min 2 to an hour

Instant Recess®: Play, laugh and move - 10 min 3 to an hour

Chair Yoga: Stretch, balance, breathe - 10/20 min 2 to 3 an hour

Field Trips: Walks , talks and strolls - 20 min. 2 to an hour

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