Workplace Obesity Statistics

I was recently watching an episode of The Biggest Loser and they had a challenge that included questions about workplace obesity that I found very interesting, so wanted to share. Take the quiz to see how you do! The results will surprise you. (Answer key below)

1.  What percentage of full-time employees in the United States are either overweight or obese?
a. 1/3      b. 1/2     c. 2/3

2. What is the #1 source of food that workers bring into the workplace?
a. Food from home(made)     b. Fast Food   c. Food from grocery store

3. Which of the following occupations has the highest rate of obesity?
a. Transportation workers  b. Business owners  c. Clerical or Office workers

4. What percentage of administrative assistance reported gaining weight at their job?
a. 48%      b. 69%      c. 78%

We hope you are beating these statistics! Most of you reading this have a free Fit-X Fitness program available where you live or work to help on your path to wellness. Fit-X also has a free wellness website with many categories and options to help you reach your goals. Check it out at and win some awesome prizes including cash while you are at it!

Answer Key: 1. c    2. b   3. a    4. b

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  • Mitchell Dashwood
    commented 2017-12-23 03:32:29 -0800
    Obesity of the work place employees has been controlled with the help of the better diet plan. Yes, the visits of the have been improved for the full use of the obesity of all workers and employees of the company.